POLI.design operates with flexible projects by structuring the intervention on the specific objectives of the clients, whether they be companies, associations, organizations or institutions.

POLI.design offers specific coaching to companies, agencies, associations and institutions in need for a distinctive method, expertise and ideas to increase their value and identity in terms of quality, creativity and innovation guided by design.

POLI.design plans together with the partner the training and coaching activity, giving structure to the iactivity on the basis of shared objectives.

The training activity, headed towards innovation, can include market and trends analysis, introduction of design in the business process, practice of engagement of the internal and external staff in the creation of value, techniques for generating new product ideas and for exploring market segments.

It’s possible to define a coaching relationship in which experts from POLI.design assist a staff team in the preparation of specific projects. For these coaching activities, POLI.design draws from the wide range of expertise at the ‘Politecnico di Milano’ and the business world.