Welcome to the new Politecnico di Milano designer community

We are pleased to announce the launch of the POLI.design Alumni Community on www.alumni.polimi.it, the community that reunites all former Politecnico di Milano students.

Are you a POLI.design Alumno? Register to enjoy a wide range of free benefits, such as telling your personal story, showcasing projects you’ve worked on, getting in touch with over 33,000 Politecnico graduates (architects, designers and engineers) for advice and joint projects, keeping abreast of the university’s activities, and taking part in special events.
The image of Italian design around the world has its roots at the Politecnico di Milano, which is what gives a community of its former students immense value.
Polimi designers represent the highest expression of that characteristic blend of creativity, culture and innovation that is the hallmark the history of Italian design (the Castiglioni brothers, Gae Aulenti, Massimo Vignelli, Alessandro Mendini and Vico Magistretti are just some of the leading lights of Italian design who graduated from the Politecnico).
41% of Italy’s designers graduated from the Politecnico, which ranks first among Italian universities in the QS World University Rankings). Each year POLI.design welcomes 1,000 students from around the world, in no small part thanks to its traditional ability to maintain an open dialogue with Italian and international business traditions.
It is specifically with this value in mind that POLI.design invites all the Polimi Master’s Degree holder to join the community, with a view to building a solid legacy of knowledge, experience and above all people who, after sharing educational experiences and projects, now help spread and develop design culture into new places and disciplines.
REGISTER TODAY and invite your former fellow Master’s degree students to do so too!
The Community needs your experience, too, if it is to grow and develop into a broad, effective network at the international level.
Info & contacts: Ufficio Comunicazione POLI.design, mail: comunicazione@polidesign.net , Tel. (+39) 02.2399.7201