POLI.design and Design Library: a new partnership to promote the knowledge of design

POLI.design and Design Library signed a special agreement to offer a free DesignLibrary annual membership fee to all the Master's students. A discounted fee is also available for all the Course's students.

The membership card will allow all POLI.design students to use the services provided by DesignLibrary to over 1800 members: 
  • free access to the books at the library (located in Via Savona 11)  from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.  
  • free admission to "I giovedì del Design" (more than 215 meetings this year) and other events organized by the Association, communicated via weekly newsletter;
  • 15% discount at the DesignLibrary café-bistro  
  • 15% discount on all books in the "new arrivals" present at the library 
  • Free unlimited wi-fi on the whole area of the Library and Café. 
All students enrolled in University Masters and Courses of Higher Education, will receive an e-mail with procedures and instructions to take part to the project.
Design Library
DesignLibrary holds the largest catalogue of design related books in Italy and promotes the culture of design through its international network in Shanghai (2007) and Istanbul (2009). 
The Italian format of DesignLibrary in Milan is considered the model as the basis of the other DesignLibrary branches.
Offering its services as a library that hosts over 1,800 members annually, it also includes the DesignLibrary Café and restaurant, as well as a conference room that is used for their weekly event  “i Giovedì del Design”, now in its seventh year of operation with over 215 events previously executed. 
Designed by James Irvine and Maddalena Casadei, the DesignLibrary 's archive exceeds 18,000 volumes from books to magazines featuring numerous first editions thanks to the contributions made by editors of the most prominent international and Italian design publications, studios and private collections.
Due to the generosity of the contributors the DesignLibrary archive holds the largest design-related collection available to the public.