Leisure Lounge & Restaurant Design

VII Edition
June 2020
20% exemption for the first 10 candidates
The Course was created to investigate the new dynamics of design, trends and communication that influence the choices of users, applying a method able to manage the different design phases to identify innovative concepts in line with international trends.
The indications coming from an ever expanding and evolving market, and the most effective and significant achievements will be explored.
The course is structured in the first part (lectures), to transfer instruments that can be spent immediately in the profession. In the second part (of project work) the technical aspects of the most innovative products of the leading companies of the reference market are analyzed, with the aim of comparing all the players in the food retail world: managers, managers , designers and companies in the sector.
The training objectives of the course are:
  • Understand and manage the problems of designing a location dedicated to food retail or catering, considering spaces, equipment and furnishings in a context where customers are increasingly attentive, prepared and demanding;
  • Manage the design process from the definition of the brief to the development of the concept up to the evaluation of costs and the identification of the break even point;
  • Identify the dynamics that govern the relationship between client and designer and which are the drivers to generate a "performing" structure.
Admission to the course is limited to a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out via a direct interview with the teachers who will run the course.
Before the interview, candidates should send a CV describing in brief their training and any professional experience. Participants are expressly advised to bring their own laptop for the final project phase of the course.
The course costs € 800 + VAT (22%) for the entire course or € 500 + VAT (22%) for theoretical lessons.
The participation fee will be paid in a single solution.
The following financial aid are provided:
  • Former students POLI.design: 15% exemption to be applied on the participation fee of the entire course;
  • Students enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano and new graduates for less than a year: 15% exemption to be applied to the participation fee of the entire course;
  • Candidates who will give evidence of having received a DEM / Invitation from one of the partner companies exemption of 15% to be applied on the participation fee of the entire course;
  • 20% exemption on the second employee who enrolls in the same course as long as the payment is made by the company for both.

The benefits are not cumulative.


The Course aims not only at the communication of design tools and methodologies with reference to the various aspects of the design sector: an important added value and identity of this training path is in fact the possibility of interaction in the classroom; first of all between the class and the various professors, designers and consultants of the corporate sector that make up the various teaching groups. But, also, among the same participants who in many past and recent cases have established forms of collaboration that have gone beyond the team work done in the classroom, for example to strengthen individual professional activities or establish new forms of professional and / or business collaboration.
Furthermore, direct and unmediated relationships between the class and the teachers and among the participants themselves are often amplified by the creation of online communities, which are enriched in relation to the various editions, which makes the Course truly original, contemporary and innovative in the formula as well as for the contents supplied.

Degree awarded

Certificate of attendance at the Advanced Training Course in "Leisure Lounge & Restaurant Design" issued by POLI.design.
Course attendance is mandatory for 80%

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Leisure Lounge & Restaurant Design
Tuition and fees

The registration fee is equal to Euro 800.00 + VAT for the entire route or Euro 500.00 + VAT for the theoretical module only.

  • Understand and manage the problems of designing lounge and restaurant areas
  • Manage the design process
  • Identify the dynamics that govern the relationship between client and designer
Teaching plan
Starting date: 15/06/2020
End date of activity: 03/07/2020
Duration in days: 15 days
Total number of hours: 120 hours

POLI.design, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano at the partner showrooms.

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