Free access for all the Masters’ students to the Library of the largest research and consulting center for innovative materials

Thanks to the new partnership between and Material ConneXion Italia, all students enrolled in the University Master’s Degrees will have the opportunity to get free access to the on-line Database and to the physical Library of the largest international consultancy center for innovative and sustainable materials. Benefits also for Higher Education Courses’ students, that will profit from a discounted price for an annual subscription to Material Connexion Italia.

Students will have the chance to access a file with more than 7,000 materials and processes divided into eight categories: Polymers - Ceramics - Glass - Metal - Cement - Natural and Derivatives - Materials based on carbon - Production processes.
The Database contains information on each material and production process expressed in text description, main technical characteristics, original photo images, trade names, company names and contacts.
It is also very interesting the opportunity to employ a physical library of over 4.000 materialsabout 2.500 of which permanently exhibited at the Milan offices of Material ConneXion Italia, located in Viale Sarca 336/F. The Library consists of an archive of materials and innovative and sustainable production processes, characterized by a display system constituted by tabulae. Each tabula features a physical sample of the material or process, a text description and a MC identification code, with which it is possible to trace the complete information about the product within the online database.

To each student enrolled in University Master’s Degrees is therefore provided a Full Annual Membership, that will allow unlimited free access to the Database and to the Library, with full and comprehensive visualization of the information regarding the materials and the exposed tabulae.
Participation is very easy!
Interested students have to complete this form and send it to or to Giulio Marzi,
Material ConneXion Italia will send the enrollment’s confirmation and personal credentials.
For information, please contact Training Office:
(+39) 02.2399.5864 
Material ConneXion® is the largest international research and consultancy center for innovative and sustainable materials. Founded in 1997 by George Beylerian in New York, with the first Library of physical materials, Material ConneXion promotes fostering contacts between materials producers and potential users, supporting them in the search for material solutions for their projects and offering to manufacturers unique and unconventional visibility tools.
Material ConneXion Italia
Established in 2002, provides consulting, promotion and training for all kind of production and design company, developing significant experience in strategic support to enterprises. Based in Milan, hosts a Library of over 4.000 physical materials, about 2.500 of which permanently exhibited.