The consortium offers training experiences aimed at companies, including different ways of collaborating with the business training programs of professionals:

  Training for companies
There are three possible ways in which companies can access innovation training or update their professional company profiles: 

  • standard courses 
  • on demand
  • financed with inter-professional funds (standard or on demand) 

  Guidance for innovation can offer companies coaching for activities aimed at introducing innovative actions within the business process, thanks to the use of design resources and expertise, which are in contact with culture and the research and experimenting carried out in the university field. 

  Participation in the educational program can offer companies different ways of participating as promoters of the educational programs:

  • sponsoring a University Master course
  • study grants/scholarships
  • design workshop

  Offer of internship
For an addition to their curriculum and work experience, young graduates with Masters or from Higher Education Courses can be introduced to companies with an internship.