A competition can be promoted by companies, firms or associations, who are interested in supporting initiatives in the field of design. 

POLI.design handles the planning, organization and co-ordination of the Competition. On behalf of the promoter it runs the following: secretarial services, communications plans, promotion and diffusion, the drafting of the call for applications, the testing of selected candidates and organization of the jury.
The recruitment invitations conform to the guidelines and criteria which are set by the Professional Associations.

POLI.design has its own platform for managing the call for applications and can count on a professional network that is in touch, nationally and internationally with universities that can distribute the announcement. 
Together with the promoter, the objectives are defined and studied each time in order to achieve the best results, by using the most appropriate format possible.

The competition can be organized according to two main  modalities:
  • Apply by invitation. Participants are individually selected and then invited to participate.
  • Apply by ideas. The initiative is communicated nationally and internationally with a call for proposals. The application can be open or feature set criteria.