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Higher Education Courses in Lighting Design & LED Technology
2019 Edition

Lighting Design for Cultural Heritage - Course 
The aim of the course is to provide insight into issues of lighting design in the context of cultural heritage.
As part of the course, we will discuss types of LED for cultural heritage (source types commonly used, features to be checked when choosing an LED product):
  • Link between efficiency and colour rendering. 
  • Beam cleaning, controlling and shaping lighting output of LED solutions compared to traditional ones. 
  • Advantages of their use in terms of the absence of UV and IR radiation.
  • Features of products on the market today in terms of light output, light distribution and CCT. 
  • Comparison of retrofit solutions and dedicated products. 
  • Description of the current CRI index and limitations of this system with respect to certain types of LED light sources. 
  • Overview of the various colour rendering indices proposed in the literature as a function of different design applications. 
  • State of work of the CIE Committee charged with proposing new indices. 
  • Presentation of lighting technologies and products specific to the field of cultural heritage.
The course (8 hours) will be held in Italian language, with translation in English if needed).
8 hours
Admission to the course is reserved for a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out through interview, directly by the teachers who will hold the course.

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