Theatre Design
Two courses for the development of expertise in the design,
construction, and implementation of sets and costumes in various types of performance and entertainment.
Costumes: X Edition / Sets: X Edition
Costumes: November 2020 / Sets: April 2020

The two courses in Theater Design allow participants to learn the rules of design, construction and production of sets and costumes in different forms of entertainment and representation, from opera to musicals, from prose to dance to television.
Thanks to representatives of some of the most important theatrical institutions in Europe, students will be able to enter the theaters and discover the stages of the production of a scenic installation, enter the laboratories, go on stage and attend the rehearsals.
Students can also design their own show and discuss with directors, set designers, costume designers, directors of stage productions, lighting designers but also journalists, as well as suppliers of the most precious materials for the realization of shows.
Educational visits carried out in past editions:
  • La Scala Theater, Milan
  • Carlo Felice Theater, Genoa
  • La Fenice Theater, Venice
  • Teatro Regio, Parma
  • Teatro Regio, Turin
  • Filodrammatici Theater, Milan
  • Theatrical tailoring Brancato costumes
  • Company Peroni
  • Rancati tooling


The course objective is the training of a professional who has learned the basics of the different elements involved in the design and implementation of a stage set. It is a complex art that involves the simultaneous presence of multiple technical and artistic aspects, by knowing them the characteristics of each can be taken into account from the point of conception. The aim of the course is also to raise awareness of the information technology (not know how to use it) that supports the design of the set or enhances the use of lights and projections. In the process of designing a stage set, an exercise arranged at the beginning of the course, students may meet with the various professional teachers and thus get practical tips that will enrich the experience of each individual student. In addition, the experience of visiting theatres and production and sales companies, provides the students with a cognitive and emotional experience which is highly educational and vocational.


Tailoring is not the only aspect of costumes for the show that should be considered, as it is actually only one of the components that make up the costumes. The course aims to introduce the accessories that make up the total costume such as wigs, jewellery, makeup, footwear, headwear and their development as well as aesthetic, functional and cost aspects that must certainly be considered in the design and production phases.

Direct contact with companies gives students insight into the steps that enable the idea drawn by the costume designer, director or choreographer to be implemented for each component of the costume. They will observe directly how the various production departments interact and what techniques and costs are used to "produce" an idea. Starting from a vintage pattern, course participants will also produce a costume in the workshops provided by the Politecnico di Milano that will later be further creatively developed through painting techniques, decoration, embroidery, dyeing or the application of handmade jewelry. At the end of the course an exhibition held in the spaces of the Politecnico di Milano and a catalogue made possible thanks to a photography workshop for the students by the Department of Design are planned. This last phase of the course aims to teach students on the Costumes course how to exhibit costumes and prepare them for a photo shoot. The exhibition and the workshop are two extra course phases but comprise a service of guaranteed use offered to the students.

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Theatre Design


Tuition and fees

€ 1250,00 + VAT (22%)

Sets: design and construction of a set design
Costumes: know the techniques for the representation of a dress
Teaching plane
Sets X edition: April 2020
Costumes X edition: November 2020
Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano and at Theaters and business partners

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