Digital Strategy
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano
II Edition
October 13, 2017
The training path is structured as follow:
#1. Module METHOD
Designing marketing strategies and digital communication
In this phase, students will learn to design marketing strategies and online communications and to manage the professionals necessary to the process.
They will be prepared to fill the role of digital strategist, through the transmission of a design approach that will enable them to form a critical thinking and a personal method, useful for the interpretation of the job market.
Each topic will be presented through theoretical and practical information, and then verified by carrying out exercises based on real projects.
Designing user centered systems aimed to the conversion
It provides the skills to realize driven conversion of communication systems in which each channel is designed to achieve specific and measurable objectives.
Acquire tools and technicality
In this phase, students will have the opportunity to deepen, through theoretical and practical lessons, the main themes of the digital communications landscape. They will be trained in the professions of:
  • Content strategist;
  • Digital PR & Reputation manager;
  • Digital ADV specialist;
  • Data scientist.
#4. Module NEW MARKETS
Digital event, digital innovation, digital retail
Be more competitive in the job market
In this phase, students work to enhance their professional role, through:
  • a custom personal branding path, where industry experts will help each student to outline their competitive edge and to value their professional skills;
  • a training path to learn the basics of PM;
  • a focus on managing relations with technology providers, to make digital strategist autonomous and self-conscious in the work processes and budget management also from this point of view.
Test yourself in real projects
The design skills acquired by the students will be tested with three project work; briefings will be assigned  by real customers, from different sectors: consumer, business, government, nonprofit and p2p economy.
The class, divided into groups, will work as a true communication agency, respecting deadlines and targets, and testing them throughout the sales process with the customer.
Get into the job world
The training path will end with a 500 hours internship, through which participants will be able to transfer the skills acquired during the Master,  under the guidance and suggestions of experts who have been long operating in the web world with different professional profiles.
A final exam will formalize the path done by each student.
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