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II Edition
November 2019


Admission requirement

The Specializing Master is reserved to candidates with a University Diploma, a Bachelor or a Master of Science in Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering, and candidates with equivalent qualifications. As for candidates who graduated abroad, equivalent study titles in their respective educational institutions will be considered. 

Admission procedure

The Specializing Master Course Committee will select the students to be admitted. 
A maximum of 25 students will be admitted.
To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:
  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within October 2019
  • for Extra U.E. citizens within September 2018

Tuition and fees

The Specializing Master costs € 10,000 (€ 9,500 cost of the Master + € 500 registration fee at the Politecnico di Milano) EXEMPT VAT ART. 10 of Presidential Decree 633/72.

The fees for enrollment in the Master program entitle you to a tax deduction of 19% as they fall within the "university specialization courses".

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Fashion Tech


Tuition and fees

Total charges for the Specializing Master ar 10.000€

  • design of sportswear products
  • integrate the aesthetics of fashion with new contents and new functions given by the integration with wearable technologies
  • train designers able to work as much in the field of sportswear as in competitive sportswear


Teaching plan

The Specializing Master will start November 2019 and will end December 2020

Venue, via Durando 38/A, Milan

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