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Specializing Master / I edition

Executive Master in Strategic and Service Design

17 Apr. 2023 - 30 Apr. 2024
Available seats : 25
In partnership with: XXY Innovation


The Master is addressed to post-graduates and Chinese professionals who want to understand what are the dynamics, approaches and tools with which to operate in the field of Strategic and Service Design.

The course transfers the main concepts of theory and the related methodologies and tools to be applied practically, in order to operate both as freelancers and in business contexts as catalysts of innovation.



Francesco Zurlo Scientific Director

Gianluca Carella Vice Director



The course will take place almost entirely in China, study tours in Italy are planned.


Attendance to the activities foreseen by the Master is compulsory for at least 75% of the course activities.
Renunciation of the course must be made in writing. The training period cannot be suspended for any reason. It is not possible to enrol simultaneously in a university Master’s degree and in another course of study activated by an Italian University.


Training objectives

The objective is to develop a program aimed at training new service designers ready to face daily challenges, mastering all the theoretical and practical elements that a designer must know in order to operate competitively in the market. The course of the master will help participants to understand what are the dynamics, approaches and tools with which to operate in the field of Strategic and Service Design.


Participants will learn:

  • to understand the research tools of the design world;
  • to understand the meaning of strategic and service design;
  • to manage the tools of strategic and service design;
  • to understand the economic factors to be taken into account in the development of a project;
  • to manage all phases of project development;
  • to understand new user and market demands in light of social and technological changes.

Didactic Plan

The master’s program is divided into eight modules. Each module includes:

  • theoretical lectures aimed at communicating the fundamental pillars of the topics covered;
  • case studies to better understand the real application of the concepts and topics covered;
  • project activities to put into practice what has been transferred by the teaching.

At the end of the course is expected the professionalizing project that consists of an activity that will be defined with the commission of the master course.

Didactic Modules

Module 1
Design research basics

Module 2 
Strategic and service design basics and tools

Module 3 |
Contexts and methods of application

Module 4 
Feasibility and delivery

Module 5 
Project work

Module 6 
Service design and management innovation

Module 7
Service design for digital transformation

Module 8 
Service led business innovation

Professional project 



Presentation and discussion of a paper produced during the Master course.


Title Released

At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, will be awarded the degree of University Master of I level in “Executive Master in Strategic and Service Design”.


Employment Opportunities

The possibilities of insertion at the end of the master are multiple.

Participants will be able to work autonomously as freelancers and also use the notions learned to become startuppers.

Moreover, it will be possible to work as designers and consultants in different sectors such as design agencies, research centers, public administrations, private sector institutions, retail, health, insurance, banking.




The master’s degree is reserved for candidates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, Economics and/or Management, Social Sciences Humanities, who want to start and/or consolidate their career in the world of strategic design and services. Foreign candidates will be considered equivalent qualifications in their respective study systems.


Applications must be submitted by February 17, 2023.


The costs of participation in the Master are entirely borne by XXY Innovation, including the registration fee to the Politecnico di Milano (€ 500.00 per student).



Current edition

Francesco Zurlo Scientific Director

Gianluca Carella Vice Director