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Specializing Master / IV edition

Design, Creativity and Social Practices


Making the need for sustainability and responsibility a development opportunity for organizations.

12.000,00 €
5 May. 2023 - 30 Jun. 2024
  • Italian
Available seats
In partnership with
  • Accademia Unidee - Fondazione Pistoletto


The Master Executive, thanks to the collaboration between and Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus, provides an innovative approach that integrates the techniques and approach of Design with the sensitivities of Art in order to decline social and environmental commitment in every profession and commodity field.

The method is composed of theoretical, methodological, and design tools based on Design Thinking and humanistic and social elements, as well as Strategic Design and its applications at territorial and social scales, the arts of critical thinking, notions of contemporary economic and organizational forms, and models of participatory decision making and personal motivation adapted to complex and ever-changing contexts.

The Master’s program is an immersive collective experience that takes place mainly in Biella at Cittadellarte, aimed at providing teamwork skills, making use of collaboration with Italian and international companies and organizations in the field of social innovation and social engagement.




Marina Parente Scientific Director
Michele Cerruti But Deputy Director


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Silveria Mobilio Rodriguez

Raffaella Scatolini

Giorgio Cellini

Sara Gallotto

Veronica Budini

Matteo Paletta

Luca Sala


28 July 2021

Sustainable prosperity: perspectives

18 November 2021

Workshop and presentation of the Specializing Master in Design, Creatività e Pratiche sociali

Design and creativity for social innovation and sustainable prosperity: a preview of the 3rd edition of the master course



Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga 27, 13900 Biella


The Executive Master lasts 13 months, with a weekend formula (from Friday to Sunday) about every three weeks, and three intensive modules (lasting 6/7 days) dedicated to workshops and project works.

Training objectives

How to build sustainable prosperity. Humanity is experiencing the epochal challenge of individual assumption of consciousness and descent of every organization: rethinking the way we work, plan, and grow is necessary for everyone.

The reorientation rests on the realization that prosperity (individual, business and community) depends on the balance and imbalance relationships between local and global ecosystems, short- and long-term impacts, communities of users, producers, citizens, legal systems and the unprecedented scenarios of media and technology.

Challenges that societies and individual organizations face, highlighted by the United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, and that require new professionals capable of interpreting the present and designing innovative solutions and visions to create value for organizations.

The Master’s program is dedicated to professionals who intend to bring sustainable innovation to their work environment or open new entrepreneurial perspectives.

The Master integrates skills and methods of Design, able to translate expressed or latent needs into strategic visions and concrete solutions, with the interpretation and even radical innovation of art to understand contemporary challenges, with knowledge of marketing and design management.

Conceived and carried out with the Pistoletto Foundation, which has trained thousands of facilitators of social transformation through art since the 1990s, the Master’s course has as its training objective to provide methods, tools and approaches for the analysis of complex problems up to the conception, development and implementation of solutions.

Through a disruptive innovation/art and scientifically based approach (design approach), informed by the achievements of the 2030 Agenda goals, participants will be able to accompany organizations (in which they already work or those in which they will be placed) in reorienting themselves to sustainable prosperity.

To these skills, the Master’s program integrates technical knowledge for the initiation and management of entrepreneurial projects and social impact start-ups.


Didactic Plan

The Master’s program is divided into three macro-areas:

  • Design, Art and Society;
  • Marketing and Management;
  • Social Dynamics and New Economies.

The educational course is organized into:

  • lectures aimed at the acquisition of basic theoretical-methodological principles, for the study of context, Design and Art approaches for social impact and for the development and implementation of projects/enterprises;
  • insights into methods, tools and best-practices involving increased interaction and the conduct of theoretical-practical activities;
  • project and testing experiences, during which there will be a focus on integrating the skills and competencies acquired, through the development of project work based on topical issues and/or concrete requests from subjects involved in the Master’s program.


The final examination will consist of the presentation of the professional practice carried out in the internship or, possibly, the dissertation of an individual project work agreed upon with the committee.

Title Released

At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, the first level Specializing Master’s degree of the Politecnico di Milano will be awarded in “Design, Creativity and Social Practices. Sustainable prosperity for organizations”.

Employment Opportunities

The Executive Master’s program is dedicated to professionals and is aimed at providing skills to identify and provide concrete responses to the needs for change and social innovation in the design of systems and services by organizations, public administrations, and for-profit and nonprofit companies that have understood how listening to communities and territories, social and environmental responsibility, and business are now complementary factors.

The outgoing figures (communication creatives, designers and sustainability consultants) will have specialized skills in designing and managing complex projects with high social impact in the public and private sectors.

Employment opportunities as a facilitator of responsible innovation, an expert for the design, development and management of projects intended to act positively on the environment and communities are numerous.


as an Employee:

  • in PAs, as a Social and Environmental Development Policy Officer, Sustainable Innovation Policy, etc;
  • in manufacturing and service enterprises for internal processes of product innovation, internal reorganization, community relations, adaptation to remote work;
  • in multinational enterprises and NGOs as an expert in more advanced and incisive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

As an Entrepreneur in the field of social and sustainable innovation:

  • creating new enterprise;
  • launching his own start-up;
  • making spin-offs with a strong creative and social focus from existing enterprises or organizations;
  • introducing radical and sustainability/socially oriented innovations within one’s own organization.

As a Freelancer, carrying out consulting activities:

  • in the public, for agencies, local governments and PAs;
  • in the private sector, for creative and noncreative enterprises on radical and sustainability/socially oriented innovation projects.



The University Master’s program is reserved especially for professionals.
Candidates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree or Academic Diploma Level I and II in Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Communication Sciences, and Art disciplines are eligible.

For applicants with degrees from abroad, equivalent degrees in their respective study systems will be considered.

Candidates will be selected by analyzing their educational and professional background, as well as the motivation letter they are asked to send. An individual interview will also be conducted.


To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:

  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within April 3, 2022,
  • for Extra U.E. citizens within March 3, 2022.


The participation fee is € 11,500.00 with a registration fee of € 500.00 for a total cost of € 12.000.

For employees of public administrations, the participation fee is € 9,500.00 with a registration fee of € 500.00 for a total cost of € 10,000.

Exempt from VAT under Article 10 of DPR 633/72.



Send your application by January 16, 2023 to take advantage of the – 10% Special Condition available to be applied on the registration fee.

Deadline for sending the signed contract and payment of the deposit of the participation fee: no later than January 31, 2023.

Selections will be made in chronological order of the date of receipt of the application. The initiative cannot be combined with other promotions.


Current edition


Marina Parente Scientific Director
Michele Cerruti But Deputy Director


Current edition

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Past editions

Presentation of the III edition of the Specializing Master in Design, Creativity and Social Practices


Patrocinio | III edizione
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