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MIAT – Multiverse Institute For Arts & Technology and are launching three new Masterclasses that will let you discover the new possibilities of the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and XR technologies.

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Masterclass Metaverse Foundations
Business Transformation: XR, AI, and Meta-Narratives

When: October 27, 2023
Duration: 8-hour
Language: Italian | English
Price: 900€ full price – Early Bird 700€ – 1.250€ Bundle

An innovative educational program in which participants will learn the fundamentals of Metaverse, its history, blockchain, and what NFTs (Non Fungible Token) are.

In addition, they will learn about the Metaverse ecosystem and its main platforms, its trends, and different fields of application, including games: real-estate, art, tourism, fashion, entertainment, and many more.

They will delve into how the Metaverse can impact different sectors, the emerging technologies that enable the Metaverse by learning what they are, how they work, and also looking at international case studies.




Immersive Creativity & Metaverse Management
Managing Immersive Experiences

When: From November 22, 2023 to November 28, 2023
: 40-hour
Language: English
Price: 3.200€ full price – Early Bird 2.700€

40 hours of full immersion in managing XR (virtual reality – VR, augmented reality – AR, mixed reality -MR), covering the fundamentals of emerging technologies and Web3 and how to better implement them in various departments of the business, to bring a strategic and competitive advantage.

Participants will learn about the process behind creative immersive production, and how to apply creativity to the business objectives, powering internal and external processes making them more engaging for stakeholders.

Participants will go through planning, strategies, schedules, program and talent management, and the pivotal processes behind each phase of implementation, to understand which is the key of success for each immersive project.




Metaverse, NFT and Creator Economy
Business Models and Strategies for Web3 & NFTs

When: December 1, 2023
Duration: 8-hour
Language: Italian | English
Price: 900€ full price – Early Bird 700€ – 1.250€ Bundle

This course addresses, from a technical and managerial point of view, what the blockchain is, because it is the basis of the Metaverse, NFT (Non Fungible Token) and cryptocurrencies and its many applications.

The training project will allow participants to understand how NFTs are opening new business opportunities and how they currently enable the growth of businesses within the metaverse’s immersive virtual worlds. We will focus on the meaning of NFTs and how they are enabling the development of a true Creator Economy based on the free market (goods, services, and ideas), independent ownership, and contracts.