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Lighting Design - Fondamenti e CAD 

A course of study for Lighting Technologies, where theoretical and technological basis of the subject are debated, and a course of study for Design, where design themes are practiced and debated.


The courses, which are modules belonging to the Specializing Master in Lighting Design & LED Technology, are provided from, are purchasable and attendable individually:

COURSE (40 hours): Lighting Design for the Show – 14 edition (5 – 14 february 2020)

WORKSHOP (40 hours): Lighting Design for hospitality (12 march 2020)

COURSE (82 hours): Lighting Design – Fondamental and CAD – 15 edition (17 september – 11 december 2020)



Maurizio Rossi Scientific Director
Andrea Siniscalco Technical supervisor


Training objectives

The course offers an introduction and deepening of lighting design fundamentals in interior and exterior, through exercises
and with the use of a specific CAD for lighting. The course is held in English.

Didactic Modules

Photometric units and relationships between them. Illuminance from point sources, linear and extended. Natural lighting,
colour modelling and colour rendering. Light sources and control systems. Luminaires. The objectives of good lighting.
Examples of design and calculation; isotropic source, the lighting of a dressing table, a bookcase, the aisle of a church, a hotel
room, an office, a library, a restaurant, a blackboard, a painting protected by a glass plate, of a shelf in a shop. Integration of
artificial and natural light. The lighting of the exterior: Street lighting purposes. Nighttime accidents and economic conditions of
street lighting. Urban lighting. The Municipal Regulator Plan of Light. Visibility at night on roads. UNI norm. The determination
of reference categories, categories of a project and those are operating for the different types of roads. Arrangement of light
points. System planning. Preliminary design (illuminance). Punctual calculation of illuminance and luminance. The urban
lighting of monuments, parks and gardens. Ambient lighting. Luminaires and light source types for different applications.
Existing provisions and comparison of performance and charges. Examples.

Creating the environment, import, modelling, furniture, materials management, textures, luminaires, import and management
of photometric files, calculation and representation of the project in a report. BIM principles, the interaction between BiM and
Lighting software. Final project exercise.

Title Released

At the end of the course, students who will have attended for at least 80% of the total hours will obtain a frequency certificate and Open Badge to the course released by



The course is intended for students, technical graduated and non-graduated professionals who wish to know the principles
and methodologies of lighting design in interior and exterior.

The higher education courses are open to Masters’ students, undergraduates, graduates, professionals, workers and non-employed.


Total cost of the course is € 1,180.00 + VAT.
The cost of module 1 (Foundations) lasting 40 hours is € 600 + VAT.
The cost of module 2 (CAD) lasting 42 hours is € 600 + VAT.


Current edition


Maurizio Rossi Scientific Director
Andrea Siniscalco Technical supervisor