DIGITAL OPEN DAYS // JUNE 29 and 30, 2022
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Lighting design negli spazi dell'accoglienza



The project work offers content for the study of the issues related to interior lighting for the reception; more specifically in naval clothing. The entire activity takes place in English.



The interested party has the opportunity to attend the entire 8-hour course or the 40-hour workshop.

Training objectives

The workshop will have the objective, through the elaboration of a plan contextualized in a real situation in naval within, to supply methodological instruments of approach to the planning of the lighting. Participants must have basic lighting skills. Basic competence on the use of software such as Autocad (or equivalent), Photoshop (or equivalent) and Dialux Evo (or equivalent) is also suggested.

Didactic Plan

The hospitality industry is composed of different situations with multiple needs. But what is the hospitality industry? What are the main sectors of the complex hospitality industry?

What is a hospitable luminous atmosphere? What is the correct approach to the lighting project to create a hospitable atmosphere? To what needs should the lighting project know how to respond to satisfy the architectural, social and behavioural aspects of space for hospitality?

Are there rules in designing a comfortable, pleasant and appropriate lighting for all the functions performed in the hospitality spaces? How can light satisfy the requirements of aesthetic enhancement, visual communication, utilitarian, functional, management of a hospitality space? What light trends today characterise the hospitality industry?

The world is changing, and the hospitality trends with it. The world is changing and the design and lighting trends with it.

The project work aims to provide the ability to deal with lighting design in hospitality structures from the design approach and the operating mode of selection of lighting fixtures, to analyse one of the most complex types of structures accommodation that make up the hospitality sector: the naval sector.

A mega-yacht or cruise ship are accommodation facilities consisting of different hospitality areas that require a light designed and built in harmony with the equipment, furnishings, installations and different contexts to achieve optimal lighting aimed at the well-being of the person and safety. We also suggest solutions for scenographic and atmospheric lighting for the enhancement of the structures and premises of the nautical and hospitality sector and criteria for choosing the best lighting fixture, always putting the customer’s needs first, such as the energy-saving and visual comfort.

Title Released

At the end of the course will be awarded a certificate of attendance and Open Badge at the Project Work in Lighting Design for Hospitality by