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New Entertainment Design Workshop

Workshop in the design of public spaces and retail entertainment



New entertainment venues are multiplying.
“Exciting”, “spectacular”, these are the key words which guarantee these spaces financial return in the short term and thus a successful venue for the owner. esign and furnishing of public venues and innovative spaces.

The course aims to address some design issues related to the world of evening entertainment: a large market with great potential where the design, setting and atmosphere are decisive. More and more businesses are choosing to define new venue types creating a fascinating new horizon for professional planners and designers. The educational concept chosen is that of the design workshop: an experience of “learning by doing”, where project activities will be supplemented with targeted lessons by teachers and industry experts who will provide close direct support to course participants.
An exercise providing professional training with the aim of producing designers competent in the design of venues such as music bars, show restaurants, art cafes, ethno bars and lounge clubs.



Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis Scientific Director



The course lasts 10 consecutive days, for eight hours a day. You must ensure the presence of 75% of the total hours to receive a certificate of attendance at the course.

Training objectives

The workshop will be developed in the classroom on the basis of a precise brief developed on a real location; the purpose of the project, i.e., the results to be produced, will be strongly related to the professional experience that you want to communicate throughout the process. The teaching experience will take place divided into working groups, in order to reproduce a project experience within a professional design studio. Fundamental to this purpose is adherence to the concept developed on the basis of a business idea, providing the right mix of information and constraints that allow the development of a winning project. The activities within the workshop will be carried out in seven phases: identification and definition of the concept through a research phase; analysis of the concept through careful processing of the information acquired in the previous phase; elaboration of the solutions derived from the research and analysis phase; choosing a solution using a shared solution; production of solutions through the organization and division of tasks within the work group; implementation of the project through programming, coordination of the various activities within a given timing; presentation of the project to the client, by preparing a multimedia presentation.

Didactic Modules

The “New Entertainment Design Workshop” course is divided into two weeks of highly professionalizing Design Workshop, supplemented by some targeted lessons by teachers and experts in the sector who will provide direct support and immediate application. The method is learning by doing: with a critical and formative nature, the complexity of the project is faced starting from the elaboration of a business idea, based on the evolution of the market and new trends, continuing with the construction of the dynamics of flows client / staff, interior design, materials, furnishings, the use of color, the role of light and audio technologies. This way of working aims to stimulate the participants to “try their hand” on the contents treated and contextualize them in their specific realities, it allows designers to improve: the application of skills: the ability to make connections between the different areas of knowledge is increased ; yes is able to generate, process and evaluate ideas and information in order to apply these skills to the project operation; motivation to obtain a final result that meets expectations is increased; communication: greater skills are acquired to communicate effectively and to present ideas clearly and coherently to specific audiences; collaboration: in order to achieve common goals, respect each other’s ideas and complete the work in good time, greater skills are acquired to work in a group and to relate; autonomous learning: the subdivision of tasks, the interaction with others, the research and studies to be carried out to complete the workshop, encourage autonomous learning, self-reflection, self-evaluation of the process work and take appropriate action to improve it.

The course is developed in practical modules for a total of 80 hours of workshops in working groups that will allow students to express their professional experience through the creative and design skills acquired.

Employment Opportunities

Participants will acquire design skills and will obtain a certificate of participation in the Advanced Training Course in “New Entertainment Design Workshop” of, Politecnico di Milano. They will be able to collaborate with design and design companies, hospitality industries and the production of furniture and equipment, and with customers of spaces for entertainment, catering and retail.



The course is aimed at, though not exclusively, graduates in architecture, design or engineering and industry professionals who wish to specialise in the creation, design and furnishing of public venues and innovative spaces.


The course costs € 1.500 + VAT (22%).
All former participants of’ courses can attend the course at a subsidized cost of € 750 + VAT.


Current edition


Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis Scientific Director