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  • Product Design

Product Service System Design for Healthcare

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Nowadays, the term Healthcare indicates a process that requires to create a new complex and multifactorial system in which technological factors, organizational, and human dimensions must find a balanced mix to provide safe and high quality care for patients. This also requires clinically effective and well-designed medical devices, as well as effective and reliable healthcare services based upon innovative technologies and systems, and the related organizational models to be implemented.

In the last 20 years the technological development of biomedical devices has reached an enormous progress, in terms of high performance and reliability, and also for safety and quality. Today medicine involves the use of many equipment and devices for the diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation and to support the correct clinical decision or the best treatment. Healthcare industry is requiring this multidisciplinary approach and know-how.


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Didactic Plan

The training modules are designed to meet the need for an international panorama of growing competitiveness in which the designer should be able to increase the product value by generating innovations thanks to the technology available.
The mostly used devices will be analyzed and presented during the course. Standards, norms and reference services are another fundamental part of the Specializing Master providing the reference framework for how to develop devices and products for healthcare. Design Methods and Ergonomics will be also presented as reference methodologies in designing innovative product-service systems in healthcare, as well as to support methodologically and with reference data the design of new systems. For a better understanding and participation, visits to medical facilities (hospitals and laboratories) will be proposed.
A final workshop to develop innovative systems will conclude the Specializing Master as practical demonstration of the achieved goals. A stage in selected companies/institutions will make the students to experience the acquired knowledge.

Didactic Modules

The modules will cover the following teaching areas:

  • Organizational and management models of the new healthcare processes
  • Technologies and systems
  • Environments and Users
  • Design Methodologies, Standards, Ergonomics in Healthcare Design
    standard and innovative clinical Challenges
  • Design of products and systems for Healthcare
  • Internship of 325 hours.

Title Released

The Specializing Master grants 62 CFU, equivalent to 62 ECTS. Upon completion, students earn a Politecnico di Milano first-level Specializing Master diploma.

Employment Opportunities

The Specializing Master Product Service System Design for Healthcare aims at providing the students with the fundamentals for designing biomedical devices, starting from the basics of methodologies and technologies for the measurement of physiological signals in clinical and home care applications.
Thanks to the proposed educational activity in the areas of:
Research and development,
Testing and certification,
Regulatory systems and reference models,
Marketing and analysis of user needs,
the main career opportunities with a strong orientation to the USER Centred Design and product innovation, process and service with leading-edge technologies, are expected in the following areas:
Industrial and Services: for R&D, market analysis and user needs,
Clinical: design and application of systems for diagnosis, cure and theraphy, prevention and rehabilitation,
Policy makers and/or policy managers in Healthcare and in technologies for healthcare.



The Specializing Master invites applications from candidates with a degree, master’s degree, or university-level diploma in Design, Architecture, Engineering. Equivalent qualifications from foreign universities will be considered for applicants from abroad.