HO.RE.CA. Design
Hotel, Ristoranti, Cafè
XVII Edition
July 2020

DEADLINE: May 30th 2020
Design for the Evolution of HO.RE.CA.– Hotel Restaurant Café
The evolution under way in the HO.RE.CA. industry, that is Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés and their spaces, concerns a very large and highly potential sector that requires innovation in terms of project and role of design, as well as in terms of specific expertise over the market, lifestyles and new consumption habits.
HO.RE.CA. Design: advanced training and professional updating 
POLI.design, Politecnico di Milano, established the Higher Education Course in "HO.RE.CA. Design", a specialization for interior designers, architects and professionals working in retail, hospitality and entertainment who wish to expand their knowledge of the new languages of design and space planning in relation to the market’s innovation-oriented international trends, and promptly apply these new skills in their work.
A complete specialization path for professionals
"HO.RE.CA. Design" is part of the system of the Design Experience courses, dedicated to the evolution public venues and spaces for the hospitality, entertainment and retail.
Lessons and educational tours for a "design & marketing oriented" approach
The courses include lessons held by specialist lecturers, renowned researchers and professionals with an international expertise. The educational programme is completed by evening educational tours – from 6:30 pm to 9 pm – that are guided by the teachers to the most relevant spaces in Milan, a direct experience of the on-going change, public demands and the potential of a "design & marketing oriented" approach to this sector.


The course in “HO.RE.CA. Design” widens and completes the training offer of POLI.design, aimed at the permanent updating of professional skills and the continuous scientific comparison on the main themes of innovation, product and system.

Employment openings

The course aims to compare all the HO.RE.CA. actors: managers, designers and companies in the classroom. Participants will acquire innovative content and develop practical solutions to deepen their specific preparation.

Title issued

At the end of the course a Certificate of Attendance will be issued to the Advanced Training Course in "Ho.Re.Ca Design" issued by POLI.design.

Attendance at the course is mandatory for 80%.


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HO.RE.CA. Design
Tuition and fees

The registration fee is equal to Euro 400.00 + VAT.

  • Updating of professional skills.
  • Scientific comparison on the main themes of innovation, product and system.
Teaching Plan
Start: July 2020
End: July 2020

online teaching

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