Social and Collaborative Housing
Politecnico di Milano I and II level Specializing Master
V Edition
November 7, 2016

Duration and Commitment
Specializing Master activities can be broken down as follows:
• 16 weeks of classroom training, with lessons two or three days a week;
• 2 weeks of full-time workshop, Monday through Friday, at regular intervals during the program calendar;
• 11-13 final weeks of internship.
Classroom training and workshops will be held from November through April.  The internship will follow.

Total training hours:
I level: 898 actual hours, equivalent to 1499 course hours (60 cfu)
II level: 972 actual hours, equivalent to 1524 course hours (61 cfu)

Learning modules
The specific learning modules on service design, architectural planning, and financial management are available, upon request, as individual courses:
  • Module 1_Service design and community management;
  • Module 2_Architectural design and financial planning of interventions;
  • Module 3_Economic feasibility and financial analysis of initiatives.
Training internships will be organized at companies and organizations in the industry: residential and service cooperatives, the Social Housing Foundation, savings trusts, architects’ firms, nonprofits, and other organizations involved in social housing.

Admission and Selection Criteria
Candidates must have an old-order university degree or a new-order graduate degree in architecture, design, engineering, the social sciences, the humanities, or law.  Candidates without such degrees may be accepted into the program as auditors if they can show significant professional experience on which they wish to build a career.

Each edition of the program is limited to a maximum of 30 students.  Selection is the responsibility of the teaching and scientific committee.  To apply, candidates must submit by October 7, 2016:

  • curriculum vitae
  • motivational statement
  • completed application form (electronic, low resolution, please).

If the admissions board deems appropriate, a follow-up interview may be required.  Candidates are assessed on the basis of the following:

  • final university grades and certificates of supplementary training,
  • quality and variety of educational and professional accomplishment,
  • commitment to and experience in cooperation and association contexts,
  • international experience and research activity or publications, if any.

Tuition Fees
Specializing Master has a cost of 8.000 € VAT-free.

Thematic modules cost 1.500 € + VAT.
Registrations to the Modules will be closed five working days before the starting date of each module.

The cost of enrollment in the Specializing Master entitle to deduct tax of 19% as falling under "university specialization courses".

 To take part in selection, call +39 02.2399.5864/5911/7208 or write to

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