Lighting for art
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Every year in Italy a countless number of exhibitions are held frequented by millions of visitors eager to admire artworks illuminated by natural or artificial light. Artificial light has the fundamental task of making the artworks on display enjoyable, but indoors it performs many other functions as is also used to mark spaces, to highlight paths, and allow the reading of captions and graphics.
Lighting an Artwork represents one of the most important and most complete goals of the lighting design practice. It combines the theoretical knowledge of light science with the aesthetic sensibility necessary for the right interpretation of the pieces.  The exhibition lighting also analyzes different project scales because it can be extended to the lighting of large and complex exhibition and also concentrate on lighting a minuscular artwork. It also invests different spheres of intervention, from the public one of the museums, to the organizational one of the temporary exhibitions, or even to the private one, including the art galleries and the houses of the collectors.
But illuminating well an artwork presupposes articulated and specific technical knowledge that is gained through years of experience and that cannot be learned by simply reading the common texts of lighting design books and magazines. The purpose of the course is to transmit the knowledge learned over time by one of the most famous Italian Lighting Designers, Francesco Murano, which was acquired through the lighting of thousands of masterpieces created by the greatest Italian and foreign artists, featured in the most important exhibitions of art in Italy and abroad, from Raphael to Pollock, from Leonardo to Warhol.


The workshop offers a collective experience that allows participants to follow the design process and the practical experimentation of the methods used to illuminate works of art.
The projects will be developed in the rooms of the Spazio Natta already set up with complete lighting systems. The workshop will end with the lighting of some works of art placed in the Pinacoteca of the Municipality of Como.

Job description and final assessment

The course provides all the useful information to be able to illuminate an artwork, a temporary exhibition, a museum or a gallery and it is essential to check and verify that the lighting of the works is well executed.


At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued to the course issued by S.c.r.l.


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Lighting for art


Tuition and fees

The course costs € 1,750.00 + VAT

  • design and experimentation of lighting for works of art
  • development in rooms already set up
Teaching plan
Activity starting date: 
Activity ending date:
Duration in days: 7

Spazio Natta, Como

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