Brand Communication
Brand Communication: Designing, Building, and Managing a Brand
Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano, with Assocom and
XVIII Edition
October 29, 2018

The Brand Communication Specializing Master is aimed at college graduates who want to work in enterprise communication.  The training program strives to provide students with the marketing, management, creative, and organizational tools to handle the growing complexity of communication projects.  Given this context, the ideal candidate will be highly motivated to become part of a workplace environment whose responsibilities include managing and coordinating communication processes.

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Specializing Master depends on an assessment of the candidate’s documents submitted upon application and on the selection process at which the CV and an individual interview are evaluated.
The number of students admitted is 30.
Candidates can participate in one of the presentation /selection days scheduled during the year. Candidates unable to hold an interview in Milan may take an online test by appoint with the Training Office.
Next presentation days
April 6, 2018 - h.10am
April 18, 2018 - h.10am
May 11, 2018 - h.10am
May 25, 2018 - h.10am
June 8, 2018 - h.10am
June 22, 2018 - h.10am
July 5, 2018 - h.10am
July 13, 2018 - h.10am
Admission Procedure
Applicants must submit the selection documents and the admission from to Training Office, in Brand Communication, via Durando 38/a, 20158 Milano; within September 27, 2018. Non-EU citizens residing abroad with a foreign Degree must send the documents at least 30 days before the application deadline mentioned before.
Selection documents:
Italian/foreign citizens with Degree obtained in Italy have to send:
  • Self-certifications relating to Personal identity (name and surname, date and place of birth, nationality and residence).
  • A copy of the student's identity document
  • Copy of the Diploma Supplement or copy of the Diploma and Academic qualifications, indicating the marks obtained in each examination, for the students with a University Degree obtained under the old educational system.
  • Curriculum Vitae 
Italian/EU citizens with foreign Degree have to send:
  • Self-certification relating to personal identity (name and surname, date and place of birth, nationality and residence) 
  • Photocopy of the academic certificate plus to certificate detailing the marks obtained for each examination, or the Diploma Supplement (upon enrolment, the Declaration of Value from the local Italian Diplomatic authorities must be submitted, or an Official document issued by ENIC/NARIC centers). 
  • A copy of the student's identity document.
  • Curriculum Vitae  
The application form must contain the following statement: "I authorize the processing of my personal data by the Politecnico di Milano, pursuant to Italian Law Decree. N. 196 of 30.6.2003"
€11.000 Exempt from VAT under Article 10 of DPR 633/72.
For Politecnico di Milano students the total amount is € 8.000.

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