Office Design
Strategies, tools and methods for the office design.
IV Edition

The learning objectives of the Course are:
  • understanding and managing issues relating to the design of office spaces of different types and complexity in a fast changing context;
  • developing the ability to manage the entire design process, from the definition of the design brief, concept development and final design, to the execution and assessment of costs.
The collaboration between the university component and the business and professional world guarantees the quality of the training through a theoretical and practical approach which is immediately applicable in the profession and constantly updated.
The course consists of 10 indipendent training modules:
  1. Trends and design experiences;
  2. Ergonomics and proxemics the workplace tertiary at the tertiary workplace;
  3. Acoustic comfort in the tertiary workplace; 
  4. Thermal comfort in the tertiary workplace; 
  5. Visual comfort, Light and Color in the tertiary workplace; 
  6. The color in the tertiary workplace; 
  7. Environmental quality and design at the tertiary workplace; 
  8. Office furniture and finishes - marketing offer and purchase;
  9. Normative References and trends in the use of innovative materials in Office Design;
  10. Space planning.

At the discretion of the professor of each module, is also scheduled to carry out practical activities.

60 hours. The course consists of 10 training modules lasting 6 hours each; you can enroll in and attend independently every single module.
The Course is work in progress. For more information, please write to
Admission to the course is limited to a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out via a direct interview with the teachers who will run the course.
Before the interview, candidates should send a CV describing in brief their training and any professional experience. 
Training within the design area is required, as evidenced by a degree in various technical disciplines (Architecture, Design or Building Engineering) or proven professional experience. It is also aimed at people who are already working in the industry and who wish to broaden their expertise in one of the disciplines / modules provided within the training programme.
Each module lasts one day per month (Friday), from 10:00 to 17:00.
The registration fee for one single module is 200 € + VAT. You can enroll in and attend independently every single module.
For more information and details on the starting date and on the cost of participation in the full path or in multiple enrollments please contact Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione:; Tel. 02.2399.5864/5911/7208

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