POLI.design activates the Open Badges

Students from Alias ​​Modeling and Service Design for Business courses are the first ones to obtain a digital certification


Students from the Higher Education Courses in Alias ​​Modeling and Service Design for Business were the first ones to get the Open Badges issued by POLI.design, a digital certification that indicates skills and competences acquired during the courses.

The Badges were issued for the first time in these days, in conjunction with the end of the Courses. The next ones to get it will be the students from the courses Packaging Engineering and Design, HO.RE.CA. design, Design Tools, Theater Design, and Adobe Tools.

An important recognition that each participant can add to their Curriculum Vitae, as a certificate of verification of the pathway taken and all the skills acquired.

The Badge can be used in any digital portal, from personal website to social media, shared and made public to show the veracity of one's skills, as a real "qualification prize" that gives credibility and enhances the reputation of those who acquire it. A useful recognition for creating new job opportunities and professional growth paths.

How the awarding process works

All participants who have completed at least one of the POLI.design Courses will receive an e-mail asking to download the Open Badge by registering on Badgr platform.

Once obtained, it will be possible to download the Badge in an image format and add it to LinkedIn or share it on social media, and in any other Open Badge management system.

For any further information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].