Premium Design Management
Design Management for the Luxury Sector
Specializing Master in partnership with International University of Monaco (IUM)
V Edition - in English
November 2021


The course is divided into two Phases. One will be provided by the Politecnico di Milano through and the other will be provided by the International University of Monaco.

During the Specializing Master is provided a internship.
Attendance in the activities covered by the Master is compulsory for at least 75% of the course activities.
Verification tests and a final exam are scheduled. The final exam consists in the presentation and discussion of an essay realized during the Specializing Master.
The Specializing Master is taught in English.

Didactic modules

The module held in the Politecnico is divided into the courses listed below and teaching activities are divided into four units
The warm-up module will introduce students to the design culture, offering a summary of the current settings and of the reference context, providing them the basic tools for understanding and study the history of Design and Fashion, and to support them in the interpretation of the most recent trend.
The first units will analyze the main case studies of the best contemporary design for the luxury sector. Will also be analyzed the more recent theories at the base of contemporary developments of the Design and Fashion System in Europe, with practical examples of the main innovations of the discipline.
The second module will investigate not only the most important and iconic contemporary luxury products, but also the contribution offered by the designer during design or redesign of a brand.
Communication is undoubtedly today one of the main focus areas of the design: the object of this unit will therefore not only be corporate image, not only communication through the new digital media and creativity for online marketing, but also the basic tools for consumer sociology and the development of a small independent project regarding the communication for the luxury, under the supervision of the faculty of Politecnico di Milano.
The last unit will be entirely dedicated to the potential offered by design in commercial and experiential sectors for the luxury field, with a particular attention to the new forms of luxury, expressed today through new products and services to new consumers. Besides a theoretical introduction to the themes of buying, visual merchandising and events, to the students will also be proposed practical activities with visits and project modules, aimed at facilitating a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the development of creative processes, to enable students a clear view behind the scenes.
The didactic module held in Monaco will deal with the following topics:
  • Digital Sales & Business Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media Communication and PR
  • Luxury Brand Strategy
  • Business Case Simulation
  • Luxury Retail Marketing 
  • PR & Communication 
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising
  • Integrated Communication and Media Planning  (includes Digital Day - Geneva)
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Distribution in the Digital Era 

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Premium Design Management


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Tuition and Fees
The total cost of the Master is 10.500 €.
deadline: 31 marzo 2021
Aim of the Specializing Master is to train key figures able to mediate instances of management and corporate marketing with the needs of products, spaces and services characterized by high or very high quality of design.
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in November 2021 and will end in December 2022.


The course is divided into two Phases. One will be provided by the Politecnico di Milano through and the other will be provided by the International University of Monaco.

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