Design for public space
Urban interior design in contemporary cities
II Edition - in Italian
October 2021

The Specializing Master is held in Italian.
The Master has a duration of one year.

Didactic modules

Phase 1_ COURSES / WORKSHOP _ Milan (9 weeks)

Lectures and workshops will consider the issue of designing public spaces in contemporary cities. In particular, the following will be explored: processes, tools and aesthetics for the transformation of urban spaces in the short and medium term, for the enhancement of local urban identity and for connection with local communities. The workshops will address project themes such as: reuse, reversibility, event, entertainment, staging, equipment for new functions.

Didactic modules:

- Design for Contemporary Urban Interiors

- Equipment and furniture, materials and technologies

- Public space and social engagement: processes and action

- Events and temporary settings


Phase 2_ COURSES / WORKSHOP _Madrid (9 weeks)

A period of study in a European city whose tradition in the design of public space has its roots in a design culture rooted in history but also in contemporary times. The courses will consider the taxonomy of a public space, investigating the various aspects related to planning and management through historical and contemporary case studies. The workshops will explore cases applied to the city of Madrid.

Didactic modules:

- Fundamentals of Public Space

- New Technologies and Public Space

- Semantics of Public Space: Branding and Narrative Design

- Management of Public Space: procedures and challenges


Phase 3_JOINT WORKSHOP (1 week)

An intensive workshop at a European partner site, where one can experiences an approach to the project, adding a further experience in a different urban context.



Following the completion of courses and workshops, the internship brings students in direct contact with the professional world.

It will take place at companies and institutions in the public and private sectors for a duration of 600 hours.

The final thesis (FTP) project involves the reworking of what has been done during the internship or the proposal of an autonomous project and its return through theoretical and design in-depth studies.


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Design for public space


Tuition and Fees
Total charges for the Specializing Master are € 12.500,00.
For POLIMI students, € 11,500.
deadline: 31 marzo 2021
Design topics
  • Contemporary urban interior: design and semantic
  • Public space and social engagement: processes and actions
  • Equipment and furniture, materials and technologies
  • Communication, identity and territory: city branding and narrative design
  • Events and temporary settings
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in October 2021 and will end in December 2022.

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