Design for public space
Urban interior design in contemporary cities
II Edition - in Italian
October 2021


Workshop Urban Mobilities | Exhibition of students outcomes
April 1, 2017 - Makers Hub

Design Workshop projects for the outdoor spaces of the National Museum of Science and Technology
March 24-25-26, 2017 - Museo nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci"

Open Lecture "Plastique Fantastique"
Speaker: Marco Canevacci - Plastique Fantastique
March 7, 2017 - Politecnico di Milano Campus Bovisa

[MUID]2 at Piano City 2016
May 20-22, 2016 - Milano


Open Lecture "Between the 'planned' and the 'lived' city"
Lecturer: Sue Robertson
Monday May 4, 2015 - Politecnico di Milano

Open Exhibition - Students Projects
Tuesday April 8, 2014


urban design practices in Europe

The Master in URBAN INTERIOR DESIGN presented three open lectures to explore many visions of the project for urban public space.
Design perspectives and philosophies of intervention, rooted in three different European regions, which are able to compare the implications about: the practice of design, individuals as users and the theme of resources.

February 3, 2014_Prostoroz
Talk with Prostoroz
The ProstoRož association sprung into life in 2004 as a spontaneous answer to the desire to explore and understand open city space. ProstoRož explores, examines and opens new possibilities of public space use in accordance with the needs of its inhabitants and tries to reveal how sometimes minimal means and small interventions are enough to present the city’s inhabitants and visitors with pleasant spaces for hanging out, playing or working in the open air.
March 3, 2014_Cino Zucchi
Models of Urban Space
The studio Cino Zucchi Architetti approaches design tasks with a multi-scalar attitude, researching new spatial solutions for contemporary life which unite pragmatism and research. Competing with the "complex and delicate context of the European landscape," the studio has demonstrated over the years a keen sensibility for the design of open spaces and landscapes: while looking for a new synthesis between “seen” city and “lived” one, between comfort and beauty, between figure and background, the studio faces the issue of enclaves and urban landmarks, searching new identities and the most appropriate spatial models that are able to converse with the contemporary specific.

March 11, 2014_Topotek1 
Personal Public Space
Topotek1 was founden in Berlin in 1996; il works around the field of landscape architecture and understands itself as a traveller within the fringe areas of typologies and scales, jaunting into architecture, urban design, music and art.  Topotek1 reflects in public spaces as an expression of visions and society as a whole: the global movement of sociaety and culture continually redefines the broad spectrum of possibilities in relation to the constitution of public space.

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Design for public space


Tuition and Fees
Total charges for the Specializing Master are € 12.500,00.
For POLIMI students, € 11,500.
deadline: 31 marzo 2021
Design topics
  • Contemporary urban interior: design and semantic
  • Public space and social engagement: processes and actions
  • Equipment and furniture, materials and technologies
  • Communication, identity and territory: city branding and narrative design
  • Events and temporary settings
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in October 2021 and will end in December 2022.

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