Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
VIII Edition - in English
October, 2020


Find out who are the protagonists of all the editions of the Specializing Master

ADRIANA MATIZ from Colombia
Background in International Relations, Innovation Consulting
"I first discovered service design while trying to figure out why people wouldn’t use the digital marketplace I was working on. Once I realized the depth and power of the service design tools for creating and adding value to the user’s experiences, I quickly fell in love with the possibility of understanding better how service systems work and how we can improve them to deliver a better experience. Once I decided that this was the path I wanted to follow I encounter the Service Design Master at, which caught my attention because of the way the program was structured with enough flexibility to let me explore my own interests and a practical approach to the learning process. Up until know I can say that the experience has been worthy, I have seen myself grow by learning not only the theoretical and methodological aspects of service design, but also the way in which a team of service designers can approach issues and provide solutions in a quick and practical way."
Background in Marketing, Innovation, and Telecom
"As a design thinker, innovation management practitioner, and seasoned marketing professional I’m passionate about bringing to market meaningful products, services, and experiences. With this aim in mind, I’m extremely happy with my decision of pursue the Service Design Specializing Masters at The course has provided me with a holistic view and formal understanding of service design principles and methods while enhancing my creative problem-solving skills and level of critical reflection in business, design, and life in general. The structure fosters a deep, collaborative approach to active learning, underpinned by integrated subject matter, each project building upon the existing knowledge and concepts of the previous one. I’ve particularly benefited from high caliber lecturers from various disciplines with contrasting styles and points of view, reflective of true work situations. As paradigms shift, I always seek new ways to engage clients in the cultural transitions that help them enact relevant change and deliver on the needs of both the consumer and the business. Having the skill-set of a service designer helps me do so by transforming both user and stakeholder relationships and experiences for the better."
Background in Communication Design and Design Management
"After gaining my bachelors in Communication Design and practicing graphic design for a year, I chose to practice design strategy and started working as a Design Manager. My job involved applying design thinking and business strategy in the field of branding. It was on one such project which resolved in creating a service offer to the end user, that I realized my love for service design and took it upon myself to pursue it. This master program has been a steep learning curve. In a matter of a year, I have learnt new methods and tools for thought and it’s expression. I have learnt that whole is more than the sum of it’s parts. On our live projects with clients, I have witnessed and learnt to practice the application of varied design disciplines outside the world of ‘design’ – to fields more than just branding, products and communication. I can see service design applied to benefit society and I now feel ready to take the next step to express my desire to do more with Service Design and make a difference."
Background in Law
"After graduation in Law I decided to enroll in the Specializing Master in Service Design and to dive into this new field. I always thought that innovation is a matter of putting different disciplines into dialogue and surprisingly, during the Specializing Master, I discovered how much potential and touchpoints are there among my background and the design field. The Specializing Master helped me fully familiarize with the service design discipline, the intense workshops carried out with real clients made me develop brand new skills in a very short time frame and ultimately, working with people from completely different cultures and backgrounds taught me to face challenge from new perspectives."
Background in Industrial Design, Strategic Communication and Business
"I heard about Service Design about 3 years ago, in Chile (my home country), while I was working as an independent designer and I was searching for a professional path to follow. In this search I started working in a non-profit foundation where I fell in love of the Public and Social Service, and I knew that I could combine Design and services from a Service Design perspective. I decided that I wanted to become a Service Designer. This Master has given me new skills and knowledge to confront the different opportunities and challenges that the public and social service will present to me, allowing me to make and impact in society, and improving the quality of live and services around the world."
Background in management consulting, retail management and behavioral training
"Deciding to pursue the field of Service Design, seemed like a leap of faith a year ago. Not only is Service Design still an emerging field in India, but coming from a management and retail background, made me apprehensive about how I would acquire creative and multidisciplinary skills. The Specializing Master’s exceeded my expectations. The approach to teaching was practical and workshop based, allowing me to apply my past work experience within a service design framework to solve real business challenges. The environment was collaborative and stimulating and I cherish the network I created with a diverse and talented set of students and professors. I encountered Logotel, a Milan based service design agency through the Specializing Master’s course. We found a synergistic fit and aer completing my internship with them, I worked there as a Project Designer. Its quite amazing for me to get this international exposure and strengthen my identity as a designer!"
Background in Marketing & Communication
"I discovered Service Design in 2009 while developing services to passengers at the Portuguese Airports. Doing a Master in Service Design will allow me to advance in my career while doing something I feel passionate about and have an impact in the world around me. For me Service Design is important because it gives its practitioners the tools to learn about different disciplines and areas and to design specifically for their users, by being empathic and understanding of their needs and wants, of their environment and possibilities. I think Service Design can change the world by helping people to know and understand each other and by changing the way people look at the environment, creating services that have the planet’s best interest at heart."
Background in Communication and Video Making
"The Specializing Master in Service Design helped me look deeply into UX reaserch. After the degree, I got the opportunity to work for international clients, travelling abroad, getting the chance to see other cultures and services. My internship place became my workplace. At Experientia I learnt how to interview people, how to get the right insights out of the findings, how to design a workshop and personas in details. I discovered passion for research through the channel I like the most: video-ethnography. I spent 1 month in Singapore doing my first field research on healthcare and the experience was highly rewarded."
Background in Architecture
"Service design has a very wide meaning and functionality which you can connect to every field and it has very important role to improve people’s life quality. The task of a service designer is to design according to the needs of consumers, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant. In this Master I’ve learned different steps and rules of designing and creating a new and useful service. Now as an architect I am searching for the influence of service design on architecture and the opportunities which it is bringing to this field, e.g. how design thinking tools can change the way architects work with clients. Or maybe even more? Can design thinking tools change the way architecture looks? Are the user experience methods can change existing services or creates new services?"

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Service Design


Tuition and Fees
The total cost is € 15.500 per student.
For Politecnico di Milano students, € 14.000.
Finacial aid available.
  • design, manage, and organize the conception and implementation of a service
  • develop innovation and entrepreneurship
Teaching Plan
Start date: October, 2020
Classes: from October 2020 to April 2021
Internship: from April to September 2021
End date: October 2021
Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milan

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