Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
VIII Edition - in English
October, 2020


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The Master in Service Design | IV Edition

The Master in Service Design meets Eataly
Which are the key factors to Eataly’s format? What kind of changes have there been over the years in the "design" of Eataly’s services? How can a service design approach help organisations such as Eataly to grow and improve their capabilities? A short conversation with Stefano Murialdo, Eataly Smeraldo’s Director.

The Master in Service Design meets Actionaid Italia
How can service designers help organisations such as ActionAid to grow and improve their capabilities? How can a service design approach lead to valuable changes in workflows to better reach goals and define new tasks? A short conversation with one of our long time partners.

Master in Service Design Manifesto8 points to quickly understand the Master experience and how we help designers, architects, engineers and students from non-polytechnic disciplines to become Service Designers.

Service Design Superpowers

Servitize Yourself!

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Service Design


Tuition and Fees
The total cost is € 15.500 per student.
For Politecnico di Milano students, € 14.000.
Finacial aid available.
  • design, manage, and organize the conception and implementation of a service
  • develop innovation and entrepreneurship
Teaching Plan
Start date: October, 2020
Classes: from October 2020 to April 2021
Internship: from April to September 2021
End date: October 2021
Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milan

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