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The course provides a highly specialized training on topics regarding the use of stone material in contemporary design.

The final aim is to train professionals specialized in design and stone architecture, with high technical-creative skills, good cultural and historical knowledge and specific execution capabilities in the different phases of the design process.

The course is aimed at students and professionals who intend to compete with the features of an ancient tradition material, which has now several forms of usage and different production technologies.

The course will address the following issues:

  • the use of stone in the ancient and modern architecture, its structural, decorative and symbolic uses and values;
  • the use of stone in world architecture in different geographical and environmental contexts;
  • types of stone materials, their physical, chemical and mechanical properties;
  • the excavation and processing of stone materials, main productions in the Italian territory, products on the international market;
  • the use of the products, complementary materials; 
  • the restoration of stone materials and the consolidation of stone structures;
  • restoration projects of buildings made of stone;
  • the design of open spaces of collective use with the use of stone materials;
  • the design of buildings with the use of stone materials;
  • the design of interior spaces with the use of stone materials;
  • the project of objects made of stone
  • the environmental and landscape recovery of quarries, the design of landscape and environment, environmental pollution and disposal systems;
  • legislation.
200 hours, to which is added an optional internship of 500 hours.
Admission to the course, restricted to a maximum of 20 participants, is subject to a selection process.
Applicants should send their Curriculum vitae by emal at
The course costs € 5.800 + VAT (22%).
Reductions are available to cover part of the registration fee.
The reductions are not cumulative.
You can also subscribe to each didactic module, participating only in a part of the educational path.
For more information about tuition costs for individual modules please write to

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