Standard and on demand training draws from the wide range of resources and expertise at the 'Politecnico di Milano', in providing a high-profile quality offer able to identify the required responses to the training needs of companies and supporting them in every phase up to the completion of the agreed objectives.

The courses which offers to companies can be chosen from a catalogue or can be tailored on demand, depending on the needs of the company, it's organization and the target audience. 

The course content can be provided in different ways: training, classrooms, seminars, workshops and long-distance learning. The training course is defined each time depending on the needs and objectives to be reached.
The reference themes for the training and coaching courses which offers cover:
  • Market scenarios: competitive positioning, innovation scenarios and new market areas of opportunity
  • Brand identity: communication and planning of communication strategies, client engagement with the choice of tools and methods best suited to and in line with the company profile.
  • Product design: design and innovation in the production process, distribution strategies, sales points and methods of presenting the system produced.
  • Services design: planning the service features, new productive scenarios and design of the system produced.
  • Materials and technologies: innovative materials, technologies and regulatory reference framework for system innovation.
  • ICT: new technologies and interactive platforms for co-design and open innovation.
The duration, specific choice of topics and mix of learning materials will be defined with the company.