In the last months, all changes that involved the entire community have always been guided by a single goal: to stay close and listen to the needs of our students.
We have worked to guarantee continuity in our didactics with online teaching, reviewed our structure, adapted existing services, guaranteed the activation of curricular internships both in-person and in smart working, organized new project activities and online events accessible to everyone without costs. We are formulating solutions to allow all students to have access to teaching modules included in the didactic program of other Masters (Elective Path) and introduced Orienta, the initiative that allowed students to meet experts in selection and professional orientation, to define their potential and skills to enter the world of work.
We have also transformed the certificates of attendance of our Higher Education Courses, by issuing Digital Open Badges (
We believe in the value and continuity of education as a cornerstone of the professional growth of each of you. This is why we are continuing to work to allow each of you to start your study path and build the best professional path towards the future.
And is with great joy that we are waiting for you, from Monday, September 14, at's new headquarters, that moved to Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - Milan.
We officially moved inside the Bovisa Campus (Building B5), in what will become the largest DESIGN HUB in Italy and which will have together the three realities that make up the Design System of Politecnico di Milano: Department of Design, School of Design, and
Altogether turn into an aggregate of resources, skills, structures, and laboratories, which once again confirmed Politecnico di Milano in 1st place in Italy as the best University in the field of Art & Design, 3rd place in Europe, and 6th in the world (QS Ranking 2020).
We are ready to welcome you and see each other beyond a computer screen, but with the right precautions!
For this reason, we want to guarantee you all safe access into, in compliance with the security protocols and government provisions, and we ask for the help and responsibility to comply with social distancing rules, use of masks, and compliance with all the provisions and regulations.
We list here below all the links that we invite you to consult.
To protect your and our health, we remind you that:
  • access to the spaces will be allowed only to students of Politecnico and to the teachers in charge,
  • the opening hours of the spaces are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00,
  • the places available in each space have been defined based on the social distancing rules,
  • everyone must dispose of their own used PPE, which must not be left in and the Bovisa Campus spaces after its use,
  • those who are interested in having more information on didactics can book an appointment or call 02 2399.7206 from Monday, September 14.
Any updates regarding the Covid-19 emergency will continue to be published on this page: update