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I Edition
April 2020

The Specializing Master in Yacht Design is held through the cities of Milan, Beijing and Shanghai and it provides specific tools in order to manage the design and building process of a motor boat including smallerboats and bigger cruise ships.
The training activities move from the project brief, with a particular attention of users and market trend elements, to the understanding of main aspects related to boat architecture and boat equipment, focusing on the interior design.


The main didactic objectives are:
  • Development of designing skills and training to design thinking methodology,
  • Ability to manage problem setting and problem solving,
  • Development of specialized technical skills,
  • Acquisition of elements of boat building technique,
  • Development of skills related to the organization and shipyard management,
  • Development of the ability to work in team and to manage the conflicts.

Job description and final assessment

From several years the Chinese market has registered an intensive development of nautical tourism, as well as, the increase of customers in the cruise ship field. This sector is growing thanks to the Chinese tourists traveling
out of their country and thanks to nautical and fluvial national market. In this perspective, it is really important training Chinese designers to acquire Italian nautical culture and to face a more and more demanding market.
According to past personal experience and to their professional background, the candidates, during the course will specially focus on two sectors: cruise ship design with particular priority on interior design and yacht
design. The potential job opportunity areas, in both cases are: technical office, engineering, project management, process control, quality control, design exhibition, styling, customization, after sales.

Degree awarded

After completing the course and on passing the final exam, the 1st level Master certification will be issued.

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Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will start in April 2020 and will end in May 2021.


The Specializing Master in Yacht Design is held through the cities of Milan, Beijing and Shanghai.

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