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Call for Workshops is now open
Politecnico di Milano, Milano
18th-20th, June 2018

Service Design has now become a mature field for academic research that, in a constantly dynamic evolution, touches upon economy and society, private and public sectors, human and technological perspectives. ServDes.2018 invites design researchers to explore the most recent and exciting evolutions of this research area also beyond academic papers. We are looking for cutting edge topics proposed through interactive formats, in conversation with other researchers, citizens, companies, institutions, to present critically SD research topics that are crucial for the present and future of the discipline.
Workshops are interactive sessions willing to engage critically with the main topic of the conference, but different from a scholarly paper or a business case-study. We would like to give space to researchers allowing them to exchange ideas and explore relevant topics beyond the traditional ways of sharing academic research, thus supporting positive discussion for the growth of the discipline.
Therefore, we expect proposals to engage a small number of conference participants in a facilitated activity characterized by:
  • Critical connection with the general topic of the conference promoted through positive and constructive dialogue between participants
  • Cutting-edge topic for the present and future of Service Design, explored also through practical activities (i.e. prototyping, talking, playing, etc.)
  • Facilitation by researchers and possible involvement of a multiplicity of stakeholders’ types (i.e. business, institution, citizen, etc.).
Results from each workshop will be featured on the conference website following the conference.
Workshop submissions should adhere to the template criteria outlined below. Convenors are also expected to produce a concluding document summarizing and sharing the results of the workshop. This will be published on the conference website together with any other graphic/visual materials that can disseminate activities.
Review criteria
Proposals will be selected on the basis of:
  • Relevance to the main conference topic (but not necessarily to tracks) and interest for the discipline;
  • Originality of the format proposed and capability to engage discussion from multiple perspectives;
  • Feasibility and audience engagement.
Priority will be given to those proposals that already have agreement from all convenors that they will attend the conference and participate. A sub-committee of the conference will review proposals to ensure that they meet the criteria outlined.
Technical requirements
We expect that a workshop will be hosted by 2-5 convenors who propose and facilitate activities in a slot of about 1 hour and 15 min.
Proposals should be submitted to EasyChair platform:
Upload a Word file (doc. or docx) using the template provided at the link:
These should include:
- A list of 2-5 confirmed convenors, their job titles and their roles for this session;
- A title and short description (1-2 paragraphs) of the topic proposed and critical relevance to Service Design;
- A description of the set-up for the session, including a plan of activities, materials to be used, strategy to document contributions and results;
- A description of the type of space and equipment required.
Convenors will be required to provide all materials needed. Conference organizers will provide in advance guidelines and specifics of the space available and timing for arranging the set-up.
Key Dates for workshop proposals
Submission opens: 22nd January 2018
Submission closes: 28th February 2018
Notification of acceptance: 27th March 2018
If you need further clarification, please write to info@servdes.org
Know more on www.servdes.org

Service Design Landscape CALL TO ACTION
For the conference in June 2018, ServDes. wants to map #ServiceDesign practitioners from all over the world. If you work or study within this discipline, please take this 10 min survey to become part of the study!
This research project is established by ServDes. 2018 and POLIMI DESIS Lab and strives to map out the current landscape of Service Design in order to enrich knowledge sharing in the Service Design discipline as well as enable future collaborations.
We encourage Service Design practitioners, academics, entrepreneurs and students to participate in this mapping process, since your piece of knowledge is an important contribution to create the global Service Design landscape.
Let's practise what we preach and co-create the global Service Design landscape!
Ten minutes of your time will be enough to be part of it, don't miss the chance: www.surveymonkey.com/r/co-creating-sd-landscape
We would appreciate if you complete the survey in English. 
Deadline: 19th of February

We are pleased to announce that the call for papers for the conference ‘ServDes2018 - Service Design Proof of Concept’, is open.
ServDes, the Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, is the premier international research conference exploring service design and service innovation.
Submitted contributions are subject to double-blind peer review. Accepted contributions will be published electronically in open access in the conference proceedings.
Theme: Service Design Proof of Concept
Service Design can no longer be considered an ‘emerging discipline’. Though recent and in continuous evolution, it is now consolidated enough to be assessed and reviewed in terms of effectiveness and impact on economy and society: how far has the logic of services (and of Service Design culture) influenced the different domains of innovation and value creation? How much has this been truly integrated into the innovation process of private and public sectors? How effectively has this been understood, evaluated and discussed? How far have digital technologies and media been influencing service design and delivery?
Initially, Service Design mainly concentrated on the paradigm shift from designing the materiality of objects to focusing on immaterial experiences, interfaces, interactions, and strategies. Thus, for some decades attention has been paid to the changing role and competencies of the designer, and to the establishment of Service Design as a discipline in its own right, despite its multi-disciplinary approach which includes management, ethnography, sociology, and organizational studies, to mention but a few.
Now it is time to validate and review the models, processes and practices developed and used in the service design ecosystem, from its academic community to practitioners, companies and organizations at large.
The overarching scope of the conference is to reflect on the evolution and impact that this discipline and practice has made in different fields and sectors. To do this, ServDes2018 will create an opportunity firstly for sharing thoughts and experiences among scholars, practitioners and organisations, and secondly, to discuss service design in terms of proof of concept, and the extent to which public and private organizations are ready to embed service design into their processes.
The main areas of discussion for the conference will be the following, organised into tracks:
1. Learning and practicing
2. Sharing and collaborating
3. Measuring and evaluating
4. Governing and evidencing
5. Producing, distributing and organising
6. Experiencing and shaping
7. Community and relationship building
8. Envisioning and evolving
If you need further clarification, please write to info@servdes.org
Know more on www.servdes.org

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