The new approach of the Specializing Master in Design for Food
October 15th 2020 – 6.00 PM (CEST)
via Zoom
The Specializing Master in Design for Food of the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with University of Gastronomic Sciences, directed by, organize an exclusive conversation to talk about food, design and innovation; a multi-voiced reflection on the systemic approach to design and its various fields of application.
The speech will be held with Francesco Bombardi, Contract Professor - Department of Sciences and Methods of Engineering UNIMORE
The Specializing Master in Design for Food integrates extensive design skills with thematic and specific competences in the food area, related to humanities, gastronomic sciences, engineering and food technology. 
It therefore provides a wide-ranging designing capacity on process and tools for the design of the food product-service system and a series of specific thematic in-depth useful for the understanding of culture, sociological and anthropological factors and also scientific and technological.