Strategic Design
Building new businesses and strategies through design
XXI Edizione
14 Ottobre 2019

Admission requirements

The Specializing Master is reserved to candidates with a university Diploma or a Bachelor or a Master of Science in engineering, architecture, industrial design, economics, social and human sciences, that have gained a certain degree of work experience and who intend on enriching their professional careers by working on the border between the design and management fields.   As for candidates who graduated abroad, equivalent study titles in their respective educational institutions will be considered.

The number of admitted students is 30. The Specializing Master Course Committee will select the students to be admitted. 

Admission procedure

To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:
  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within September 2019
  • for Extra U.E. citizens within August 2019

Tuition and Fees

The cost of the Specializing Master is 14.500 € (14.000 € participation fee + 500 € registration fee at Politecnico di Milano).
For graduate students at the Politecnico di Milano, the enrollment fee is 13.000 € divided into: Entrance fee to the Politecnico di Milano 500 € per pupil and participation fee to the Master, equal to 12.500 € per student. 
The enrolment tax to the Politecnico di Milano won't be refunded under any circumstances.

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Strategic Design


Il costo complessivo è di € 14.500 per allievo.
Per studenti Politecnico di Milano, € 13.000.
Obiettivi Formativi
  • sviluppare le capacità e la gestione del sistema di prodotto
  • sviluppare capacità di problem solving
  • gestire la complessità integrando risorse e attori in un processo di progettazione innovativo
  • acquisire strumenti multimediali 
  • sviluppare e migliorare la capacità innovare le caratteristiche dei sistemi di prodotto

Il Master di I livello inizierà ad Ottobre 2019 e terminerà a Gennaio 2021.


Il Master si svolge a Milano, presso in via Durando 38/a.

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