Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
VIII Edizione - in lingua inglese
Ottobre 2020


A maximum of 30 places are available for each edition of the Specializing Master in Service Design.

Admission requirements

The Specializing Master invites applications from candidates with a degree, master’s degree, or university-level diploma in design, architecture or engineering. Candidates may also be specialized in non-polytechnic disciplines for whom polytechnic skills can significantly enhance their prior professional training.

Selection is based on assessment of the candidate’s skills, aptitude, and experience, as well as his/her goals and expectations toward the programme. The assessment is made by the Master Board on the basis of the candidate’s:

  • academic records;
  • professional curriculum;
  • (optional) interview (also by telephone).
Significant professional experience is also considered as a criterion for admission.
With regard to aptitude, the programme prioritizes highly-motivated candidates with creative and relational skills, curiosity, critical awareness, and a pragmatic mentality.
Conditional admission to the programme may be granted to:
  • students enrolled at Italian universities whose final degree examination is scheduled for a date subsequent to the beginning of the Specializing Master;
  • students with foreign degrees whose validation is not yet complete.
Admission to the Specializing Master may also be granted to students possessing Italian university diplomas or three-year degrees (awarded under the previous university regulations) or qualifications acquired in foreign countries, provided that they are accredited, submitted in the original format, translated, and certified by the Italian consular authorities in the country in which they have been awarded, and accompanied by a declaration of legal validity.

Admission procedure

To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:
  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within September 2020
  • for Extra U.E. citizens within August 2020

Tuition and Fees

The cost of the Specializing Master is 15.500 € (15.000 € participation fee + 500 € registration fee at Politecnico di Milano).
For graduate students at the Politecnico di Milano, the enrollment fee is 14.000 € divided into: Entrance fee to the Politecnico di Milano 500 € per pupil and participation fee to the Master, equal to 13.500 € per student. 

Partial exemptions are available. For information contact Coordination and Training Office at

The cost of enrolment in the Specializing Master permits a tax deduction of 19% falling under "university specialization courses".


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Service Design


Il costo complessivo è di € 15.500 per allievo.
Per studenti Politecnico di Milano, € 14.000.
Obiettivi Formativi
  • progettare, gestire e organizzare la progettazione e l'implementazione di un servizio
  • sviluppare l'innovazione e l'imprenditorialità
Start date: Ottobre 2020
Classes: da Ottobre 2020 ad Aprile 2021
Internship: da Aprile a Settembre 2021
End date: Ottobre 2021
Sede, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano

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