Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
VIII Edizione - in lingua inglese
Ottobre 2020


Attendance is compulsory for three days a week during the course. A maximum absence of 25% is allowed.

The Specializing Master is completely taught in English.

Didactic course

The Specializing Master programme grants 60 CFU (Formative University Credits) equivalent to 60 ECTS.
The capability to manage complexity and act upon different design levels, and the capacity for creativity and vision are the main features of a service design professional. 
These skills will be acquired through a highly experimental approach based on learning modules divided into lectures and design activities - called Service Design Pills, Service Masterclasses, Service Design Workshops - each one led by a different faculty member and focusing on a different topic.

Didactic modules


Lectures: Theoretical lessons aimed at introducing the discipline, and methodological lessons devoted to the acquisition of processes, tools, and approaches.
Service Design Pills: Targeted seminars that delve deeper into approaches and tools through the experimentation on a topic.
Service Design Masterclasses: One day lectures provided by an expert or a Service Design guru to investigate cutting-edge topics emerging in the world of Service Design.
Service Design Workshops: Design labs, in collaboration with companies, dealing with a real briefing that is focused on user research, and the development of service ideas and prototyping.
Internships: 475 hours of training experience in a partner company of the Specializing Master or other companies suggested by participants.


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Service Design


Il costo complessivo è di € 15.500 per allievo.
Per studenti Politecnico di Milano, € 14.000.
Obiettivi Formativi
  • progettare, gestire e organizzare la progettazione e l'implementazione di un servizio
  • sviluppare l'innovazione e l'imprenditorialità
Start date: Ottobre 2020
Classes: da Ottobre 2020 ad Aprile 2021
Internship: da Aprile a Settembre 2021
End date: Ottobre 2021
Sede, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano

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