Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
VIII Edizione - in lingua inglese
Ottobre 2020

Service Design Lab is a design laboratory dedicated to experimentation in the field of service design. It is an initiative developed by the Master in Service Design - in collaboration with H-FARM, with the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship and the development of innovative service ideas. It runs in parallel to the Master program, on a yearly basis as an extracurricular activity, and it is addressed to young talents from both the organizations, willing to challenge themselves in the development of new potential business, thanks to the mentorship of expert professionals.
The Lab entails an experimental nature and it is based on challenges launched every year with the starting of the Master and aimed at collecting service ideas with business potential or wanting to explore new methodologies, approaches and tools for pushing the boundaries of the service design discipline. Selected ideas will be developed following service design principles, up to the implementation of high-fidelity prototypes, beta versions, and, eventually, start-ups.
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Do you have a great idea or would like to have one? Do you need some support in developing it and make it true? “Bring-your-own” is the occasion you were waiting for!
If you already enrolled to the upcoming Master edition and are interested in taking part to the lab, you can express your interest since now.

Objectives and benefits

Besides running experimentation in the service design field and approaching service innovation, the main objective of the Lab is to offer an occasion of professional improvement, exchange, and visibility to participants, who will have the chance to:
  1. Enhance their skills through the direct experience of a service design and business development process, which could eventually turn into self-entrepreneurship or a job opportunity;
  2. Collaborate with other young professionals in a multi-disciplinary perspective and get in touch with acknowledged experts in the field;
  3. Expose their personal capabilities and ideas through the channels and the networks of the Master in Service Design and H-FARM, as well as public events organized by the lab.
In addition to the possibility of developing ideas through the support of dedicated mentors, the benefits of the lab consists of:
  • The availability of a creative and stimulating environment where to work and meet with other talents and mentors;
  • A certificate of the competencies acquired through the participation to the lab. In addition, there might be the possibility to receive also an Open Badge, that participants could include in their career;
  • The occasion/opportunity to present their ideas at public events organized by the Lab.

How to partecipate

The Lab is open to both Master students (of the upcoming edition) and professionals from H-FARM, who want to propose some innovative ideas that answer to one or more of the challenges proposed by the Lab. 
The Call for Candidacies will open with the annual starting of the Master in Service Design. The seventh edition will start on October 14, 2019
To submit their ideas, candidates will be required to develop a proposal following some common guidelines provided by the organizers, and present them during a dedicated event (on a date to be defined during week 47) in front of the Lab Committee, who will be in charge of the selection.
The committee will be composed by representatives from the Master Board, H-FARM and the mentoring group.
Ideas hosted by the Lab should entail innovative service solutions by focusing on one or more topics identified by the organizers as relevant and cutting-edge into the current service industries panorama
They could involve new service offerings, experiences, and business models or other kind solutions that applied to existing services and contexts can introduce a meaningful improvement.
For the first edition, the lab will host ideas addressing one or more of the following thematic challenges, that will be further articulated in the Call for Candidacies, at the launch of the lab:
  • Exploiting automation
  • Evolving environments
  • Changing demographics
  • Fostering equalities
  • Interpreting data
Ideas could be proposed by single individuals or crews composed by max. 5 people. Crews should be made by Master students only or H-FARM talents only. 
The Lab Committee could decide, at its own discretion, to merge or split ideas and consequently to balance the crews in order to favour their development and reinforce feasibility, in respect of people interests, attitudes, and skills.
This applies in particular to individual candidacies, who will be required to form a crew (or will be assigned with a crew by the Lab Committee) in order to be able to access to the lab program.
After the first round of selection, the original and newborn crews will be required to refine their ideas according to the committee’s suggestions. Final ideas will then be presented in occasion of a second event (on a date to be defined during week 50) during which the final selection of ideas hosted by the lab will be defined.
As follows, key dates for application to the Lab and following activities:
  • October 14: Launch of the lab and opening of candidacies
  • Week 47: Presentation event - first round of selection
  • Week 50: Presentation event - second round of selection
  • January 9: Starting of lab activities and first meeting with the mentors 

Development of ideas and mentorship

From January 9, 2020, teams will start working on the development of their ideas.
They will alternate periods of autonomous work, during which they will self-manage the work organization and production, with scheduled meetings with mentors and experts made available by the Lab.
Some of these meetings will be mandatory, in order to make sure the progress in the development of ideas, while some others will be optional and will need to be booked, depending on the team’s necessities.
Some of the mandatory meetings could also coincide with sharing sessions among all the teams or public presentation events.
The meetings will take place at or H-FARM headquarters in Milan, according to a calendar that will be issued by the starting date of the Lab.
Mentors, belonging to the Master Board and faculty and to H-FARM, will have the role to suggest design directions and help the work progress. While experts will support the teams with specialized knowledge on specific aspects and will be external professionals identified by the organizers as prominent figures in their field of expertise.
The lab will close in October 2020, in occasion of a final presentation event open to public.

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Service Design


Il costo complessivo è di € 15.500 per allievo.
Per studenti Politecnico di Milano, € 14.000.
Obiettivi Formativi
  • progettare, gestire e organizzare la progettazione e l'implementazione di un servizio
  • sviluppare l'innovazione e l'imprenditorialità
Start date: Ottobre 2020
Classes: da Ottobre 2020 ad Aprile 2021
Internship: da Aprile a Settembre 2021
End date: Ottobre 2021
Sede, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano

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