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Stefano Rozzi


Neuroscience and Design

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  • Inglese
  • aprile 2024


Is associate professor of Physiology at Parma University. He was born in Cremona, Italy in 1974, where finished school at Liceo Classico D. Manin (1992). He studied Medicine at University of Pavia as pupil of Almo Collegio Borromeo (M.D. 1999), obtained a PhD in Neuroscience at University of Parma (2004), and completed postdoctoral work in the same University. In 2005 he became Assistant Professor (ricercatore) at the Department of Neuroscience of Parma University. Since 2019 he is Associate Professor at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of Parma University.

His major research interest is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the cerebral cortex by means of anatomical and physiological techniques. Main lines of research are:
1) study of cortical connections of premotor, posterior parietal and prefrontal areas.
2) electrophysiological study of neural properties of ventral premotor and inferior parietal cortex (sensori-motor transformations, space coding).
3) Study of the role of premotor, parietal and prefrontal areas in cognitive functions such as action perception and relationship between action perception and cognition (mirror mechanism).
4) Study of the role of prefrontal cortex in executive functions.