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Executive Course

Strategies and Systems of Innovation in Art and Design



Duration: 14 feb. 2022 – 25 feb. 2022
Language: English

Mode of delivery: Distance learning ( Zoom Platform)



Venanzio Arquilla Scientific Director
Davide Genco Technical Director


Training objectives

The Course aims to provide the theoretical foundations and best practices on the basis of which to make the best choices when designing new digital products, giving a holistic view of the world of User Experience, its methodologies and the mindset required of professionals who deal with it.

Didactic Plan

In a context now pervaded by digital products and services, User Experience has acquired a role of fundamental importance in the last decade: the increase in digital interfaces is a fact and for this reason it is essential to know how to design them with quality and professionalism. User Experience is a complex mix of skills, ranging from the ability to conduct a preliminary research phase – aimed at understanding the needs of end users – to the development of interactive prototypes to be tested before the final release on the market.



Didactic Modules

The Course consists of 10 modules spread over 10 days, each lasting 2 hours:

Module 1 – Why Design matters |14 February 2022
Venanzio Arquilla, Scientific Responsible @ XDAcademy, Associate Professor@ Dip. Design Politecnico di Milano

Module 2 – Strategic Design | 15 February 2022
Gianluca Carella, PhD @ CILAB – Creative Industries Lab – Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano

Module 3 – Branding & Visual Identity | 16 February 2022
Riccardo Volpato and Mattia Reali, Most

Module 4 – UX Design | 17 February 2022
Davide Genco, Technical Responsible @ XDAcademy, UX Designer

Module 5 – UX case study | 18 February 2022
Federica Caruso,  Coordinator @ XDAcademy, Product Designer

Module 6 – New Technology in Interior Design | 21 February 2022
Luigi Brenna, Architect PhD in Design, Multimedia Communication at Politecnico di Milano

Module 7 – Service Design | 22 February 2022
Elena Marengoni, Design Researcher & Service Designer

Module 8 – Service Design Tools & Showcase | 23 February 2022
Xue Pei, Research assistant @ Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano

Module 9 – User Research | 24 February 2022
Federica Caruso, Coordinator @ XDAcademy, Product Designer

Module 10 – UI Design |  25 February 2022
Gabriele Malaspina, Tutor @ XDAcademy, UX/UI Designer


Current edition

Venanzio Arquilla Scientific Director
Davide Genco Technical Director