COVID-19: From February 1st 2021 until the end of the didactic modules, the teaching activities continue in a face-to-face mode or partially remote
EARLY BIRD 10% to enroll in our Specializing Masters starting in autumn 2021 and spring 2022

Study at organizes training programs for young graduates and professionals, as well as training for companies with a specific focus on innovation.
With an international perspective it establishes partnerships with universities, schools, institutions, and companies.

The training offer offers Master Level Courses and Advanced vocational training courses to young graduates with first and second level Masters.

These are aimed at a continuous updating of professional profiles in the field of design.

Specializing Masters offers first and second level Specializing Masters of 12/24 months, including an internship period of one year in companies, businesses
or professional firms. The classroom training foresees a learning mix of class lessons, seminars and design workshops with contributions and external inputs from the world of business and the professional sector.

Higher Education Courses organizes short courses and tailored courses to business and professional customers in the form of seminars, workshops and training programmes.

How to Apply

Find out how to submit your application for admission to the Specializing Masters and Courses, which documents to send and how to register.


Cassina LAB, the collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Center and

7 September 2020
Showcase meets Watts Water Technologies Emea B.V.

7 January 2019

The Specializing Master in Lighting Design & Technology Alumni winners of the LIT 2020 Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year award

26 January 2021


7 January 2021