EARLY BIRD 10% to enroll in our Specializing Masters starting in autumn 2021 and spring 2022 over the world is an international knowledge network, connected with local dynamics around the world. Always open to new collaborations and always oriented to building stable relationships with those in the world who think, produce, teach, study design.

Over the boundaries, towards uniqueness

We believe in a design that knows how to think beyond old boundaries, build new design culture, create value. For people, communities, businesses, all over the world.

We work to promote and disseminate an inclusive and sustainable design culture, enhancing and intensifying international relations.
We have built strong relationships with companies and institutions around the world, offering training programs for international students, professionals and companies and organizing tailor-made training courses and site-specific projects.

We operate as a bridge between the academic world and professional contexts, through experimental activities involving students and professionals in all fields of design. We welcome students from more than 80 countries around the world every year.

News and events

News 13 October 2021

Launching soon SENSITALIANI, the project to promote Italian design born from the collaboration between and the Italian Embassy in Kuwait.

A 10-month project, 3 months dedicated to courses for local students, 8 open talk evenings and a 6-day study tour in Italy for design students and industry professionals in Kuwait who desire to experience and delve into Italian design and culture.
News 14 September 2021

In December 2021 partecipates in the Guangzhou Design Week

With more than 14 years of operational history, Guangzhou Design Week is the first annual international design exhibition in China since 2006 and the most influential and largest commercial activity in the Chinese design industry.
News 2 September 2021

Signed the agreement between and NEWTON BUSINESS SCHOOL

The signing ceremony took place on September 2, 2021.
News 31 August 2021

Milan Design Week 2021. with different appointments not to be missed

Also this year participates in the Milan Design Week from 4 to 10 September 2021, and fits into the international panorama of design, culture and innovation.
News 1 August 2021

Signed the agreement between and IFTF for the launch of a new Course for the design of sustainable futures

The collaboration will make it possible to launch the course “Designing Sustainable Futures” starting in 2022 and aimed at providing skills to build a more sustainable future and a better world through design
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5 ways of innovation

Active Learning

Activating design knowledge by generating value for companies and institutions is the goal of these paths. Training and applied research are oriented towards understanding new market and consumer demands, to create innovation.

Design Acculturation

Our academic culture and your market challenges meet in innovation paths in which makes disciplinary knowledge and active teaching experiences available to companies, associations and institutions.

Partner in Education

The culture of design grows by grafts: among the academia, associations, companies, professionals. A partnership offered through educational paths that we will promote together, in ways that meet your goals.

Internship Experience

Design has many faces, like our students: a melting pot of cultures, languages, experiences, specializations. And only one common trait: an academic education as solid as it once was and as liquid as our times require.

Contests & Events

Design is the engine of growth, cultural orientation, evolution of taste, transformation of lifestyles and consumption. We take care of this at, and on these issues, we can develop competitions and cultural events together.

For students abroad

If you are an EU and non-EU student and would like to study at, discover all the ways to send your application and access the training courses offered.

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