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EARLY BIRD 10% to enroll in our Specializing Masters starting in autumn 2021 and spring 2022 International operates within an international network, that is continuously growing thanks to the wide-ranging experiences and collaborations in an increasingly interconnected and global dimension.

A bridge beetween education and profession

The goal is to promote and spread the design culture, through enhancing and intensifying international relations. has built strong relationships with companies and institutions worldwide by offering training programs for international students, professionals and companies, and by organizing tailored training courses and site-specific projects. operates as a link between the world of education/research and professional contexts, through experimental activities involving students and professionals in the field of design. involves each year international students coming from 88 countries all over the world.

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Webinar Tour 2021

Event virtually meets students and professionals from all over the world to introduce its design disciplines and the range of its training programs.
News 15 January 2021

The Design System of the Politecnico di Milano joins the GDIO Unit, Global Design Industry Organization

Prof. Matteo O. Ingaramo GDIO appointed as Vice President, following the approval of the "Charter of Global Design Industry".
News 20 October 2016

Meeting with the Fashion Hub of Serra Gaúcha meets Brazil
News 16 May 2016 meets Mexico

News 5 May 2016 meets Guatemala: loan-scholarship programs

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5 ways of innovation

Coaching for innovation

Coaching for introduction to innovative actions within business process, thanks to use of design resources and expertise in contact with culture and the research carried out in the university field.

On Demand Courses and study tours organizes short courses and tailored courses to business and professional customers in the form of seminars, workshops, training programme and study tours.

Participation in educations

The courses managed by integrate the contribution of companies, public or private bodies into their training courses. They can participate as promoters in the teaching of


Graduates from Master programmes can be introduced into companies with an internship. The students gain practical knowledge by working as an intern in the company.

Competitions and events organizes competitions, seminars and conferences, exhibitions, events, and provides consulting services for cultural and communication initiatives. promotes and supports publishing activities.

For students abroad

If you are an EU and non-EU student and would like to study at, discover all the ways to send your application and access the training courses offered.

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