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UX Talk – Episode 24

News 18 June 2021

DIGITAL OPEN DAYS // 1 and 2 JULY 2021

Architecture and Interior design, Business Design, Communication Design, Cultural Heritage, Digital and Interaction Design, Fashion Design and Product Design.
What will your profession be? Discover the training proposal of, part of the Politecnico di Milano group!
News 18 June 2021


On the occasion of the second edition, on June 23 there will be a 24-hour live broadcast with conversations on the concept of "Designing in an era of uncertainty" between the hosts of POLIMI Design System of Politecnico di Milano and 48 international guests.

DFF STORIES – Dining by Design: Creating the Experience

June 15th, 2021, 6 pm - 7 pm CEST

Ux Talk – Episode 23rd

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New concept design for sustainable packaging solutions into the food market

3 May 2021

Conviviality 4 Kitchen and Modern Living

2 March 2021
The students of the 9th edition of the Master Industrial Design for Architecture participate in the workshop dedicated to the new needs of modern and contemporary living, to design a high performance kitchen to teach cooking techniques online.

The Specializing Master in Lighting Design & Technology Alumni winners of the LIT 2020 Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year award

26 January 2021

New concept design for sustainable packaging solutions into the food market

3 May 2021

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