DIGITAL OPEN DAYS // OCTOBER 12 and 13, 2022
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EARLY BIRD 10% for enrollment in Specializing Masters and Higher Education Courses starting in autumn 2022 and in 2023
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Communication Design

The training proposal aims to stimulate the creation of strategies in the world of communication, adopting innovative methodologies and teaching how to use adequate tools to respond to the profound changes in the company, the market and branding oriented consumption.


Brand Communication

  • Italian

Strategic Design

  • English

Art Direction & Copywriting

  • Italian

Corsi di Alta formazione

Brand and Retail Experience Design

  • Italian

Licensing & Brand Extension

  • Italian

Workshops in Fashion, Communication, Product, and Interior Design

  • English

The management of Luxury, The experiential communication and The Italian design and fashion

  • English

Creation of the Isola Artigiana logo

7 April 2020

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