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Contests & Events

Design is the engine of growth, cultural orientation, evolution of taste, transformation of lifestyles and consumption. We take care of this at, and on these issues, we can develop competitions and cultural events together.

Promoting design culture is one of the aims of Organizing competitions, seminars and conferences, exhibitions, events; providing consultancy services for cultural and communication initiatives; supporting editorial activities.

The partnership with is agreed based on the objectives of the initiative that companies, public or private entities want to pursue and makes use of our experience in the field of cultural promotion of design themes. can take care of the design, organization and coordination of these initiatives with different degrees of involvement depending on the project needs and internal capabilities of the promoter.

What does do?

For Competitions supports the secretarial activities, the communication, promotion and dissemination actions, from the drafting of the announcement to the receipt of the works up to the organization of the jury.

Competition Regulations are drawn up in accordance with the guidelines defined by professional associations. has its own platform for the management of competitions and can count on its national and international professional and university networks for the dissemination of proposals.

Competition modalities

Competitions can be organized, according to the objectives of the promoter, in two main ways:

  • Invited competition – Participants are individually selected and invited to participate in the competition.
  • Competition of ideas – Through a call for proposals, the initiative is transmitted nationally and internationally. Participation can be open or with defined categories.

Events and exhibitions can support the creation of events and exhibitions in the field of design, dealing with the definition of the cultural project and curatorship, the organization and coordination of specific activities, the definition and implementation of the promotional campaign, and the follow-up of implementation and realization of the initiative.



15 September 2021

Three teams of the Specializing Master in Strategic Design the winners of the Call4Ideas of the MIND Education programme

6 July 2021
From March 1st to March 19th, 2021, the Call4Ideas engaged students in creating a licensing strategy for MIND, with the goal of supporting the consolidation of its ecosystem and the promotion of the values and themes of the innovation district.

New concept design for sustainable packaging solutions into the food market

3 May 2021

At Villa Reale di Monza the presentation of the Higher Education Course in Welcoming Design by and UNO

28 September 2021
On the occasion of the event, which took place on September 23, 2021 at 6 pm, the new Course of and UNO starting in 2022 was presented.

DIGITAL OPEN DAYS // 1 and 2 JULY 2021

9 July 2021
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News and events


At Eataly the presentation of the new Higher Education Course in Brand and Retail Experience Design

The importance of designing and delivering valuable consumer experiences for branded companies and retailers. New skills and methodologies.
News 15 October 2021 academic partner of the Goldreed Industrial Design Award

The international industrial design competition interprets technological progress and social revolution from an Asian perspective, with the aim of promoting a new direction for industrial development and a new model for social life.
News 13 October 2021

Launching soon SENSITALIANI, the project to promote Italian design born from the collaboration between and the Italian Embassy in Kuwait.

A 10-month project, 3 months dedicated to courses for local students, 8 open talk evenings and a 6-day study tour in Italy for design students and industry professionals in Kuwait who desire to experience and delve into Italian design and culture.
News 13 October 2021


Thanks to the collaboration between the School of Design of the Politecnico of Milano and VANS emerged FLOW
The project is dedicated to the customization of VANS products and also includes experimental workshops at the VANS Customs Lab in Milan, open to the public with the active supervision of some designers of the Politecnico di Milano.
News 12 October 2021 for the Sunbird Delegation China

The tailor-made course organised by for the Sunbird delegation in China has just ended

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Innovation Challenge organizzata da PoliHub, Technology Transfer Office del Politecnico di Milano e Officine Innovazione di Deloitte


Edition 2020/2021
Every project will count. Your project will count.
Be inspired. Get excited. And show the world how it’s done.

Smart Label, Host Innovation Award

The recognition by HOST - FIERA MILANO and dedicated to the most innovative products and companies in the HO.RE.CA. and retail present at Host Milano 2021 is back



At Eataly the presentation of the new Higher Education Course in Brand and Retail Experience Design

The importance of designing and delivering valuable consumer experiences for branded companies and retailers. New skills and methodologies.

Conference Shopping Map 2021

Rethinking experience design according to new social consumer trends

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