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Executive Course

Theatre Design

Designing, producing, managing sets and costumes for the show

The Theatre Design Course is designed to teach how to design, create, manage sets and costumes for the show.



Theatre Design Course qualifies participants in the design and realization of scenography and costumes as well as cost estimation and production management of the same in the various forms of performance and representation, from opera to musicals, from prose to classical or contemporary dance.

The flexible formulation of the Course into three independent modules allows the participant to follow a basic training Course (module 1) and then decide whether to go into the section dedicated to Set Design (module 2) or that dedicated to Costumes (module 3), or both.

The specificity of the Course is the conceptual and production focus, associated however also with the provision of management and financial skills, enabling the scenographer and costume designer to master project supervision.

Teaching involves an overview of the world of the performing arts, its associated professions, its logics, the creative component, as well as knowledge of different design methods, from the most traditional (costume sketches, scene sketches, prototypes or maquettes) to the use of the most modern digital technologies and their applications.

Thanks to representatives of important theatres and companies in the sector, directors and choreographers, set and costume designers, students will be able to enter the world of show business and discover its production phases.

The theory sections will be flanked by project work, the titles of which will be proposed at the beginning of the Course. The student, after having chosen his or her own title taken from the world of prose, opera, dance or musical, will be able to design their own sets or costumes depending on the module chosen.

During the Course the student will submit, in scheduled revisions, his or her evolving project to directors, set designers, costume designers, builders, tailors or lighting designers.



Christian Silva Technical Director and Didactic Coordinator



The entire course lasts 260 hours, of which:

  • 60 hours for the basic module common to the two specialisations
  • 90 hours for the ‘Space on Stage’ module
  • 110 hours for the ‘Art of Theatre Costume’ module

The daily commitment can be part-time (4 hours a day) on two days a week or one day a week.

Attendance of 75% of the course is compulsory. reserves the right not to activate the Course in the event that an adequate number of enrolled students is not reached, or if the necessary didactic, logistic and administrative support requirements are not met for any reason.

Training objectives

The objective of the Course is the training of a professional figure who can specialise in the design of elements for the performing arts: in particular stage sets and costumes.

The art of performing arts, and more specifically that of theatre, is complex and involves the co-presence of multiple technical, creative and managerial aspects. Getting to know them and delving into them allows the peculiarities of each to be taken into account from the moment of conception.

The aim of the Course is also to update on the potential of digital technologies and their possible application in the sector, as a support for design and realisation.

Didactic Plan

The course is structured with lectures, visits to theatres and companies (when possible in compliance with anti-COVID DPCMs) and project work.

Didactic Modules

I MODULE (60 hours)

  • Course presentation
  • The performing arts professions and protagonists
  • The stage space
  • Light in theatre
  • Techniques for representing an idea
  • Estimating production costs
  • Working in safety
  • Visits to theatres and companies
  • Revision of project work

II MODULE (90 hours)

  • The professions of the stage space
  • From an idea to staging
  • Scenotechnics and scene construction
  • The technical specification of a theatre
  • Painting, sculpture and decoration
  • Scenography materials
  • Lighting Technology
  • Light, an artistic tool
  • Supporting Information Technologies
  • Video and Projections in Design
  • Visits to theatres and companies
  • Revision of project work and presentation

III MODULE (110 hours)

  • The Performing Arts professions and the protagonists in the field of costumes
  • From an idea to the creation of costumes and accessories
  • Historical cutting and tailoring
  • The characteristics of fabrics and introduction to sampling
  • Fabric and costume design
  • Body measurements, perfect architecture
  • Make-up, wigs, shoes and accessories
  • Information technology to support the costume designer:
  • Paper pattern, sizing, printing and texture
  • Performing a costume, dressing a mannequin
  • Visits to theatres and companies
  • Revision of project work and presentation

Title Released

At the end of the course an open badge will be issued for the course in Theater Design – Designing, producing, managing sets and costumes for the show.

Employment Opportunities

The outgoing profile envisages the training of a professional figure who is familiar with the phases of conception and realisation of stage sets and costumes, and who acquires an awareness of the professional figures, roles and competences that relate to each other, in order to be able to manage the complexity of a creative process linked to the world of entertainment.

The notions acquired will enable the students to deal, in their future, with markets and professional contexts other than the performing arts, such as museums, commercial spaces or any place, even outdoors, intended for a theatrical performance.

Visits to companies and theatres allow for a unique and immersive training experience, entering places and coming into close contact with professionals from the performing arts.



The course is aimed at graduates and non-graduates who have a basic knowledge of artistic techniques and/or technical design with sensitivity to the world of theatre, music and dance.

In particular, the course is aimed at:

  • recent graduates in artistic and/or technical disciplines
  • professionals in the performing arts sector (designers, managers, …)
  • technicians and professionals interested in acquiring sector skills

To apply, you must fill in the online application form by clicking on APPLY and attaching:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • Portfolio (only for candidates having a background in design or architecture)
  • Copy of ID card (EU citizens) or passport (Non-EU citizens)
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree
  • Copy of University Transcriptof Records


The cost is equal to 2,800 euros + VAT (22%) for enrollment in the 260-hour course. In case the participant wants to enroll only in part of the total modules, the following formulas are available:


  • Module 1 (60 hours): 900,00 € + vat
  • Module 2 (90 hours): 1.600,00 € + vat
  • Module 3 (110 hours): 1.800,00 € + vat


  • Module 1 + Module 2 (60 + 90 hours): 2.300,00 € + vat
  • Module 1 + Module 3 (60 + 110 hours): 2.500,00 € + vat





For POLIMI STUDENTS AND ALUMNI the registration fee will be reduced by -10%.


For THOSE WHO PURCHASE 2 MODULES the registration fee will be reduced by -5%.


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Christian Silva Technical Director and Didactic Coordinator