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Space Fashion Design

Inspiration Tech & Visioning




This Course was inspired by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Couture in Orbit project. This involved the Politecnico di Milano in the creation of a clothing collection that integrated space technologies and innovative materials. The extraordinary results, which were presented in London at the Science Museum, have generated over 100 million media feedback responses, which convinced to renew the partnership with ESA, in order to inspire designer and companies to develop new ideas and create spin-off.

The second edition, compared to the previous “Fashion in Orbit”, extends the field of application to the design, in addition to fashion design, to follow the fast changes of these two worlds that increasingly overlap and lose their original boundaries by embracing more fluid dimensions of project and technology.


Training objectives

The Course is aimed at those who intend to develop ideas of innovative products in the fields of fashion and design and find new applications and spin-off for materials and fabrics, inspired by space technological research.

Didactic Plan

The Course consists of two main modules, the first made of theoretical content, the second about design and visioning.
Candidates can subscribe to one of the two modules.
The didactic will be structured as follows:

  • Space Inspiration for Design & Fashion, 6 hours
  • ESA Space Program Overview & Exploration Strategies, 10 hours
  • Space Design: living in Space on-board the ISS, 16 hours
  • Space Technology Transfer Program & Business Development, 8 hours
  • Workshop progettuale, 36 hours
  • Presentazione Finale, 4 hours

Didactic Modules

The Course begins with an excursus of Space’s influence on visual culture, architecture, art, design and fashion. European space agency (ESA) experts will present strategic space programs for future lunar and martian explorations and the impact on the private sector.
The main scenarios of the International Space Station (ISS) and possible developments will be explored, focusing on design and relationship with astronauts in order to find connections between life in Space and on the Earth, following on board daily activities in microgravity and in a confined environment.
From exploration of the space environment and the aspects of human factors, will be presented the most significant case studies of spin-off and transfers of space technologies that have given rise to new products, with examples in design and fashion fields.

The workshop will be developed starting from a specific brief given by the company main sponsor of the Course, along with professionals who will work alongside the participants in defining an innovative concept inspired by space technological research. The concept will be focused on the design of clothing, accessories or innovative products according to the needs of the company that will lead the workshop.
Within the workshop, a session will be devoted to the development of practical and strategic skills for the presentation of the projects.

Title Released

At the end of the lessons, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and Open Badge to the Course in Space Fashion Design. Inspiration Tech & Visioning from

Employment Opportunities

Participants will acquire design and vision skills and will be able to collaborate with design companies and studios specialized in design, fashion and innovation-oriented products.



The Course is aimed at undergraduates and graduates of first and second level and young professionals who work in areas of fashion and product with a high level of innovation.


  • Full Course = 1.200 € + VAT;
  • Theoretical module (40 hours) = 800 € + VAT;
  • Workshop and Visioning = 800 € + VAT.