Fair Events Design
in collaboration with Accademia Fiera Milano
I Edition
November 7th

The course aims to address some design issues related to the world of events and exhibitions; or that part of architectural design that was once very poetically called "ephemeral architecture". 
The educational concept chosen is that of the design workshop: an experience of "learning by doing", where the design activities will be complemented by targeted lessons by teachers and industry experts who will provide close direct support to course participants.
A professional finishing exercise aimed at training competent designers in the field of fair events.
The common element to this type of design is the temporary nature; what is normally viewed as an unfavourable factor, in fact, becomes the most fascinating of experiences. It is the application of what communication strategies and marketing prophesy: materialise what is impalpable. "Exciting", "spectacular" are the key words to ensure companies the immediate feedback of results and instant measurability of their investments. Working on the brief, materialising customer requirements through the implementation of a concept; an architecture, a gesture, a moment suspended in time and space able to produce uniqueness, interaction with the target of the marketing operation, all of these elements characterise this design application field. In this course we will train storytellers able to relate the story of a company according to its qualities, history and culture, going deeper to inform customers of the reasons for the design of a product; all this with the staging of a physical event, an exhibition, an installation that has its strength in the temporal nature and the immediacy of the realisation of an idea.   
The course is aimed preferably, but not exclusively, at graduates in architecture, design or engineering and industry professionals who wish to specialise in the design and planning of temporary exhibitions and events.
The course is developed on the basis of a precise brief prepared with the support of Fondazione Fiera Milano: the purpose of the project is to provide participants with vocational experience. 
The starting date is scheduled for November 7, with a frequency of 20 consecutive days, for 6 hours daily.
To the two most deserving participants will be granted a paid traineeship in a company of Fiera Milano Group.
120 hours. 
Admission to the course is limited to a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out via a direct interview with the teachers who will run the workshop.
Before the interview, candidates should send a CV describing in brief their training and any professional experience. Participants are expressly advised to bring their own laptop.
The course lasts 20 consecutive days, for 6 hours a day. You must ensure the presence of 75% of the total hours to receive a certificate of attendance at the course.
The course costs € 1.600 + VAT (22%).
For more information please contact POLI.design Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione: formazione@polidesign.net; Tel. 02.2399.5864/5911/7208

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