Digital Strategy
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano
VII Edition
November, 2019

Master in Digital Strategy
Boost your future, now.
Digital Strategy is a first level university Specializing Master of the Politecnico di Milano, an evolution of "Specializing Master SNID - Social Network Influence Design", which was created with the objective of training professionals to plan, coordinate, and monitor digital marketing and communication strategies.

The training program focuses on the transmission of a single method of design and technical expertise, that enables candidates to interpret the changes taking place in the current communication landscape and the opportunities offered by new technology scenarios, and to assist companies in the transition from traditional to integrated forms of communication. 
Listening, Strategy and Monitoring are the pillars of the educational process in a mix of disciplines that allows you to design and implement digital communications ecosystems in line with the conversion lenses of the brand with a particular attention to the relationship between the company and the network users . The user will be, as well, the center of the strategic path according to a User Centered Design approach.
Why a Specializing Master in Digital Strategy?
The web makes us unique
This Specializing Master is designed by people who see an opportunity in the future tangible change. Not only is this a Specializing Master for those who, like us, want to change the world starting today, it is a Specializing Master that takes care about the experiences of companies, agencies, and consultants. A Specializing Master led by a team of teachers and professionals who personally invite candidates. It's a Specializing Master where you learn every day how to use your skills to conquer a role in the labour market.
An approach supported by users
The Specializing Master offers a path focused on listening: this approach guarantees individual and professional training of the candidate, not to mention constituting an effective method for analyzing the web universe. Listening facilitates the user first approach in its most complete analysis of the needs of a user who enters into a relationship with a complex system that provides a service, be it a training product, an information portal or e.commerce.
We grow interpreters, not intermediaries
What educational products offered three years ago is insufficient  today: the web is full of tips, tricks, and such synthetic and homogeneous rules as to become memes  themselves: without a logic that organizes them, often containing more contradictions than reflection points.
As a training product of the Politecnico di Milano, the Specializing Master in Digital Strategy has inherited a strong design approach, which allows the formation of critical thinking and a personal approach that is the real competitive differential for an innovative and contemporary education product.
Consultant, contractor or employee: to each their response
The business world is changing very fast: we need a realistic and attentive perspective without false expectations about what the market actually offers today. 
This is why the Specializing Master in Digital Strategy aims to train the candidate in accordance with its real needs and expectations.
A network that never runs out
All candidates of the past editions of the Specializing Master in Social Network Influence Design now work steadily: after access to the labour market obtained through the internship guaranteed by the Specializing Master, within a few months our professionals have been able to carve an important space in the sector, acting as a reference point in the complex period of change that companies are experiencing at this stage of renewal. The most important result is the formation of a community of active professionals who are strongly linked to the Master's, able to welcome new candidates by providing them with concrete support.

Career opportunities

Job description and final assessment

The Specializing Master in Digital Strategy trains professionals capable of designing and managing digital communication and marketing strategies and to coordinate the different figures necessary to the process. Thanks to the project approach and the context interpretation skills developed during the Master's, candidates are able to operate in diverse markets and sectors through: 

  • entrepreneurship and professional services;
  • insertion in communication agencies; 
  • insertion in large, medium and small companies. 
The candidate acquires in the course of training the necessary strategic and project management skills, experience in selected communication languages, and mastery of technicalities that allow him/her to play different roles in the market: 
  • Digital strategist;
  • Content strategist; 
  • Digital PR & reputation manager; 
  • Esperto di digital ADV;
  • Data Scientist.

Degree awarded

At the end of the course, students who pass the final examination will receive a joint first-level Specializing Master in "DIGITAL STRATEGY. DESIGN E COMUNICAZIONE PER LA RETE" from the Politecnico di Milano.

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Digital Strategy


Tuition and Fees
The total cost is € 11.000 per student.
For Politecnico di Milano students, € 8.000.
Finacial aid available.
  • design, coordinate and monitor digital marketing and communication strategies
  • acquisition of technical skills
  • project management
Teaching Plan
The Specializing Master will begin November 2019 and will end January 2021.
The lessons will be held at, via Durando 38/a, Milano

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